Please help testing 1.6 before release

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Geert Bevin

Jun 21, 2007, 6:14:32 AM6/21/07
Hi everyone,

I'm going to finally release 1.6 in a few days. Functionality-wise I'm
there, just need to write a bunch of Javadocs for the new isolated
continuations package and maybe some other stuff as I stumble into
them. The real documentation for the new and updated features will be
written over the course of the next weeks / months, but the release
will for once happen early since I want it to be out there for The
ServerSide Symposium Barcelona and an article that will be published
about the RIFE and Terracotta integration.

You can find the last version of the 1.6 release in the nightly snapshots:
later is better)

These are the highlights of the new release:

* created dedicated and isolated continuations package, jar file and testsuite

* added byte-code instrumentation agent that can be used instead of
the classloader

* support for Open Terracotta for continuations fail-over and scalability

* support for manyToMany relationships in the GenericQueryManager

* support for lazy loading of manyToOne and manyToMany entities
instead of having to work with IDs yourself

* totally refactored authentication package for optimal pluggability
(courtesy of Steven Grimm)

* added support for JDK 1.6

* added new template tags BA (append block) and C (comment)

* template tag syntaxes don't require the quotes anymore around names

* added support for MVEL as blockvalue scripting language

* added support back in for using JRuby to create elements

* added support for the H2 database

* added support for Java 5.0 enum types

* support for DWR 2.0 with automated tests

* added ReadQueryString so that any custom SQL query can benefit
from the RIFE wrappers

* added ReadQueryTemplate query so that custom SQL queries can be
aggregated into templates as named blocks

* added support for EXIT:PARAMSJS:exitname and
SUBMISSION:PARAMSJS:submissionname to generate the hidden form fields
through javascript with ascii code obfuscation to that spammers have a
much harder time to detect what actually goes on

* added support for unionAll in Select queries

* added support for query hints to Select, Insert, Delete and Update
queries (only applicable to Oracle and MySQL)

* properly documented the FormBuilder interface and improved the API

* added @Elem annotation to each standard element implementation so
that they can be used easily in a default fashion

* improved HTML entity encoding and decoding

To find a full history of what has been done since the last release,
you can look at the updated changelog:

For those that are wondering why it took 10 months for this release to
come out, the reasons are simple:

* I took a couple of months of 'computing leave' to let my wrists
rest and take care of some real-life stuff like getting my motorcycle
driver's license (wohooo!) and work in our house,

* I also started a new full-time job at Terracotta Inc.
( which will benefit RIFE a lot to bring
it to the enterprise world,

* I spoke at too many conferences which took up a lot of time both
for preparations and travel. Anyway, all that is sorted out now and
I'm regularly coding on RIFE again,

* and I moved the entire server with all the other
services on there to EC2 and Google Groups/Apps

Please at least try upgrading your current applications to the
snapshot and report any problems, even if you don't have time to try
out any of the new features yet. Everything should be back-wards
compatible except for some package name changes.

Thanks for the help!


Geert Bevin
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