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Jun 17, 2011, 4:32:00 AM6/17/11
Dear All,
This is something new field to study--------- Go through my chat with
Deodatta Gajbhiye.

deodatta: gd aftn sir
me: good after noon
deodatta: sir rite nw m in goa , doin my intrnship in national
institut of oceanography
Sent at 1:35 PM on Friday
me: Ok. write something more about ur course
deodatta: actually m doin in marine biology 4m pondicherry un.
and as they hav placed their marine biology department in andaman , so
m doin dat in portblair
Sent at 1:37 PM on Friday
deodatta: and my subject its related 2 oceanography and it is more
chalngin , xpolrin and new science
Sent at 1:39 PM on Friday
me: Thats great. but about scope?
Others may want to do this. that why i am asking
Sent at 1:43 PM on Friday
deodatta: sir actualy tlkin bout india, lot of scope is der , as
glbal climate change is happening , and our resources are also on the
verge of emptiness so dats y evry 1 is tryin 2 xpolre d ocean n d
under water resources , we have universities in india , which provids
d course , like pondicherry univ. , kusat , and many more , and we
got some institutes like , NIO , NIOT , NCAOR , CMFRI , so i think we
can look der 4 our future
Sent at 1:48 PM on Friday
me: OK. Which organizations may offer job to u and in what capacity?
deodatta: sir its all research field , so we need 2 go 4 research ,
as project assistant, jrf , srf or teaching professsin we can look
Sent at 1:52 PM on Friday
deodatta: national instiute of oceanography, goa , national
institute of ocean technology chennai , national centre of antartic
and ocean research , goa,
Sent at 1:54 PM on Friday
deodatta: and 1 more thing i want 2 mention here is evrybody is
lookin 4 d fissibl idea , from which we can fetch some benefits , so
if we provide dat i think we get paid accordin 2 our xpectation
Sent at 1:56 PM on Friday
me: Thanks Deodatta. can u give ur cell no. and email so that other
may also contact u. I amd posting this chat in our google group.
deodatta: 9730169244
thankyou sir , it ws nice tlkn 2 u
me: Welcome. keep in touch.

vindhyavasini prasad pandey

Jun 20, 2011, 3:12:54 AM6/20/11
congratulations to vikas chandra roy ................aaka baaka saaka...............

Sent: Friday, 17 June 2011 2:02 PM
Subject: My Chat with Deodatta
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