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Richelle Mead

Jun 27, 2017, 3:09:56 AM6/27/17
to richellemead

Just a quick reminder to everyone that Midnight Jewel is officially out TODAY, so if you love masked young women who stalk the streets at night to help save those in need, then you'd better get to a bookstore soon. And if you love daring masked young women who get entangled with complicated (but sexy) spies, then you'd better get to a bookstore NOW!

Also remember that I'll be touring in the western US in the next two weeks, starting with Phoenix/Tempe on June 27. After that, it's Seattle on June 28, Dallas on June 29, Houston on July 7, and Austin on July 8. There'll be signed books (of course), pictures, chocolate, giveaways for odd but adorable stuffed animals, and lots of Q&A--so maybe you can get me to answer some of those things I'm always dodging. Go to richellemead.com for details on stores and times.

Lastly, even though pre-ordering is technically done, you can still get in on the giveaway to win my favorite things--which include jewelry, season 1 of Reign, popcorn and mochas, and so much more! Today (June 27) is the last day you can upload your receipt, so do it if you haven't already. And if you haven't bought the book yet, then do that ASAP. You can purchase it from any place online or in-person. Just make sure a picture of your receipt gets to the sweepstakes site (US only).

Thanks for reading--both my emails and my books! I hope you love Midnight Jewel and have an amazing summer! Catch me on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.





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