Book Signings: Midwest Weekend!

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Richelle Mead

Apr 29, 2013, 11:58:23 PM4/29/13
Just a quick reminder that I'll be signing this coming weekend in Kansas City, MO and Chicago!  So if you're in the area, please come out to say hello and get some books signed.  I'll try to answer your questions, give some hints of what's to come, and generally have a good time!  Here are the stats.  One is at a convention, and one's a normal bookstore event, so be sure to check out the details for the one you're attending.
Saturday, May 4 - Kansas City, MO - 11am-2pm
Romantic Times Booklovers Convention - Giant Book Fair
Sheraton at Crown Center, Kansas City, MO
*You don't need to register for the full convention to come to this signing.
*Pay $5 at the door, and you'll have the chance to get books by me and a couple hundred authors signed!
*Books will be on sale there, but you can also bring your own from home (up to two per author). I can sign a total of four books between old and new ones. Pictures if time permits.
*Since this isn't a normal event for me, I'm just signing. There's no reading or Q&A (though ask me questions at the table).
*Read the convention's website for more details and who's signing. Also, if you're a teen or can bring one, check this out to learn more about Teen Day and your chance to get books and see your favorite authors in workshops!
Sunday, May 5 - Chicago - 2pm
Anderson's Books
123 West Jefferson, Naperville, IL
*Event will include reading, Q&A, and signing.
*I will sign up to four books per person--one personalized and the others just autographed. We'll do pictures if time permits.
*No tickets required, but if you purchase The Indigo Spell in advance or at the event, you'll get a priority spot in line.
*If there any of my books you want to buy and don't have, PLEASE support the store and buy them there! It's a lot of time and expense for them to host me. Thanks!
Hope to see you guys this weekend!
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