I want to install and host the service.

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Jan 17, 2021, 7:48:25 PM1/17/21
to rextester
rextester is amazingly fast and amazing.
Our company wants to run an R script and show the result immediately.
rextester provides an API that is optimized for such features.
However, our service needs to be hosted directly from the closed network, so the API cannot be used as-is.
Looking at the rextester_linux-master source, we see that the core processing logic is provided as a web service.
We pay the license fee. Is there a way to provide a source that can be processed?
Please give a positive answer to this. I always wish for good health.


Jan 18, 2021, 4:43:46 AM1/18/21
to rextester

the source you are looking at (https://github.com/ren85/rextester_linux) is an old version which is not scalable and has known vulnerabilities.
If it fits your needs you can use it free of charge any way you want (without any support from me).

If you need latest, secure and scalable version on-premises this can be done for 300$/month. However source code will not be disclosed - I would just install and maintain the service.

If you are interested write to me directly to renbox at gmail

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