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This group is a "virtual pub" (no team colours) open to anyone for the discussion of topics focussed on but not exclusive to vintage or retro computing. 
Use it to discuss ideas, share information, show off achievements, learn, teach, hang-out. 

All levels of expertise are welcome, from "What's a Z80?" to "I design chips for Intel..."

Examples of possible topics (by no means exclusive) 
  • retro/modern kits and peripherals: SC1xx, RC2014, LINC80, YAZ180 etc 
  • Early home computers: Apple II, Commodore 64, TRS-80, ZX-80/81 etc
  • Specific chips: MPUs, MCUs (8051, TMS1000) , CPLD, FPGA
  • Bus standards: serial, parallel, SPI, i2C, ethernet etc 
  • Operating Systems: CP/M, FUZIX, Z-System
  • Programming languages: Assembler, C, PASCAL, FORTH, BASIC  etc
  • ROM Monitors:  Grant's Monitor, ROMWBW, SCM, z80ctrl, busRaider
  • Emulation: Alan's simulator, SIMH, Grant's Multcomp
  • New board designs
  • EDA tools- KiCad, EasyEDA, Eagle, Quartus, Vivado
  • PCB design 
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