Any experience with the AgonLight2 ?

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Marten Feldtmann

May 23, 2023, 2:29:45 AM5/23/23
to retro-comp
I've read about this $50 computer using an ez80 coming out these days ... has already anyone this system ?

Rob Prouse

Jul 4, 2023, 4:52:08 PM7/4/23
to retro-comp
I am a month late replying, but I have an Agon Light 2. I played with it for a while but went back to my RC2014 running RomWBW. I will get back to it, but right now it is collecting dust.

- Small, all in one computer
- Lots of memory
- Fairly active community on Discord
- Easy to transfer files to the SD card from another computer
- Runs BBC Basic, has a decent editor and an assembler
- The MOS operating system is interesting and has decent graphics capability

- I didn't build it :D
- It doesn't work with all VGA screens and keyboards
- I like working on my main computer and accessing my 8-Bit computer using a terminal program
- There aren't many fully compatible ez80 (24 bit) cross-compilers/assemblers. The ones that work tend to do so in Z80 mode.
- It has GPIO, but no bus, so I there isn't much to do with it except write software


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