RTM/Z80 - Retro Tiny Multitasking system for Z80

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ladislau szilagyi

Aug 14, 2021, 2:25:04 PMAug 14
to retro-comp

My name is Ladislau Szilagyi, I'm 67 and I'm a big fan of Z80 retro computers.

I just published on GitHub ( https://github.com/Laci1953/RTM-Z80 ) my RTM/Z80 project.

RTM/Z80 is a multitasking kernel, built for Z80 based computers, written in Z80 assembly language, providing its users with an Application Programming Interface (API) accessible from programs written in the C language and the Z80 assembly language.

It is intended to be a simple and easy to use learning tool, for those who want to understand the tips and tricks of the multitasking software systems.

RTM/Z80 is a “low profile” multitasking system; it is written entirely in Z80 assembler language and uses as a building platform the vintage HiTech Z80 software, which may be run on a “real” Z80 computer or on a Z80 “simulator”. However, you can use also the C language and “mix” C code with Z80 assembly code when writing RTM/Z80 applications.

RTM/Z80 does not pretend to be a “real-time” system; for this target, you need much more powerful CPU power; the 7.3728 MHz Z80 is a low-placed processor in this perspective.

Building RTM/Z80 applications does not imply the use of any Unix/Linux development platform. All you need is CP/M, knowledge of Z80 assembly language or C language and being used to operate the HiTech tools (assembler, C compiler, linker).

RTM/Z80 is not a “concurrent” of the many Z80 multitasking systems available on the market, it is only a learning tool for those who want to understand the “tips & tricks” of multitasking; because of this, it’s structure is simple and straightforward. However, the author tried to build also a versatile and efficient system, with performances comparable with other popular Z80 multitasking systems.

I finished the testing on Z80SIM and RC2014 (SC108 and Memory Module).

I'm waiting for your opinions and suggestions!



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