The programming language Euler for the B5500

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Nigel Williams

Apr 7, 2014, 5:47:52 AM4/7/14
Due to the energetic and enthusiastic efforts of James Fehlinger we are pleased to announce that Niklaus Wirth's and Helmut Weber's very early programming language implementation known as Euler has been recovered and is running successfully on our B5500 emulator. James hand transcribed this artefact and has confirmed that it now produces the identical output from the original Stanford report.

Paul Kimpel has temporarily committed the Euler source-code here:

Wirth/Weber's original Stanford CS-20 technical report on Euler is here:

What particularly caught my eye about the Euler implementation is how early in the life of the B5000 family of computers that Wirth and his collaborators produced this non-trivial application (notice the SYNTAX component is dated Dec 1964).

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