Restya Core v0.4.1 is ready for beta testing

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Mar 4, 2020, 9:58:31 AM3/4/20
to Restya

As you know, we have been developing a new product Restya Core for some time now.

Today we're issuing a few test Restya Core cloud instances to those who signed up to our beta test program.

What is 'Restya Core'?

Restya Core is a Jira, Slack alternative. Our pitch is precise:

Restya Core = Best of (Jira + Slack + Trello) + BPM + RPA

* BPM - Business Process Management
* RPA - Robotic Process Automation

How is Restya Core different from Restyaboard?

Restyaboard is a kanban based task management tool. It is an open-source alternative to Trello.

When we were using Trello, we faced some challenges such as slowness, no offline sync, can't access multiple cards simultaneously, etc. We also need a self-hosted tool for NDA compliance. Hence we created Restyaboard.

In terms of workflow or process enforcement, Restyaboard is more generic. You may use:
Restya Core, on the other hand, is more BPM (Business Process Management) and workflow focused. You can set up more rules and validations. It also has an integrated chat system and so you don't have to switch to Slack.

Example scenario #1 - A governmental office:

A file moves from table to table. In each step, the officer has to enter a few inputs and has restricted access to the data (say, confidential records such as salary). Currently in Restyaboard custom fields are possible through custom field app, but restricted workflow and validations are not possible.

Also, in some steps, if OCR processing for a scanned image is required, Restya Core has pluggable 'process robots' architecture. Note: As RPA terminologies are often loosely defined, it should not be confused with RDA (Robotic Desktop Automation). RDA is about UI automation. But, here it is headless RPA.

Example scenario #2 - A ticketing system for a software product:

A ticket moves from status to status. In each step, different user levels need different permissions to the ticket data. Guest users may not have access to all data.

Example scenario #3 - Using different systems for different processes:

When Restya Core is configured with different process workflows, it can replace multiple systems like Leave management, HR management, customer management, ticket management, etc.

What are the key features of 'Restya Core'?

Restya Core has the best of all tasks and workflow management tools. Some of the key features are:
  1. Workflow with validators and form designers
  2. Headless RPA architecture for automation
  3. Realtime chat for team collaboration with chatbot architecture
  4. Business Intelligence

What is the Restya Core beta test program?

Those who signed up with business emails in will receive a separate cloud instance to test out Restya Core. They're expected to share feedback and bug reports at

These cloud instances will receive updates more frequently (daily basis or weekly basis) and hence advised to use it only for testing.


Once launched you'll receive discounts to our cloud and on-premise versions.

Restya Team
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