Steps for updating from restkit 0.9 to latest 0.24 to make it compatible with arm64

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Dec 10, 2015, 12:04:35 PM12/10/15
to RestKit

My projects compiles, builds & runs normally, then I added arm64 and errors start.

I am having hard time to update retkit framework. Mostly because:

1) The old developer had to drag&drop the Restkit in project, so I have my main Project and then have restkit as subproject. In order install latest restkit using cocoa pods, what should I do?

For now I am deleting the restkit project (from project navigator) and also the restkit folder from finder.
Then using cocoa pods, I am installing the framework & when I start using it workspace file & run, it is getting me error like RKclient and request not found, which I am not able to solve, mostly because 1) those class don't exist in 0.24 and 2) my project settings (header & framework search path are incorrect)

So can any one suggest, what I am doing is correct or any recommended way of updating restkit in this situation? 


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