Restfulie HTTPS request throws " peer not authenticated"

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Jul 20, 2011, 6:20:41 PM7/20/11
to restfulie
Hi guys,

I am trying to GET an URL through Restfulie but it throws
" peer not authenticated".

I was checking ""
and noticed that DefaultHttpClient but anything is configured.

I wrote two blocks of code and its output.

The first one uses pure Restfulie implementation:

Java code:
Console log:

And the other one I wrote using Apache HttpClient and setting SSL
specifications to the request:

Java code:
Console log:

Is there any other way to make this request works without modifying
Restfulie? If you need any help with a Pull Request let me know!


Thiago Caiubi

Guilherme Silveira

Jul 26, 2011, 12:53:33 PM7/26/11
Hi Thiago!

Can you contribute with a patch that automatically adds a TrustManager as soon as he does: Restfulie.custom().trusting(manager)....

How do you think one could set up the trust algorithm in a apache independent way, any interface that generalizes apache's is great.


Guilherme Silveira
Caelum | Ensino e Inovação
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