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Mike Burrows

Feb 18, 2010, 1:42:22 PM2/18/10
to restful-json

I was made aware of this group thanks to a recent thread (http://
8584958a91acb939) on json-schema. Apologies therefore for the cross/
duplicate post, but it seems relevant here:

1) JSON-based app description with discovery via link headers
- (Python)
- (Ruby, older)
2) Clients that use the metadata to give API-like behaviour for free,
allowing client-side constructs like
that get mapped via URI Templates to appropriate addresses
- (Python),
- (Ruby)

There's more on my blog ( (see tags
described_routes and path-to) but I don't want to spam this list

On the server side, the Python and Ruby components are able to
understand Routes (as used by Pylons) and Rails routes respectively,
so long as the paths have a sensible mapping to URI Templates (this
aspect will improve over time).

They're very much side projects, but the Ruby one came out of a need
to script a Java-based trading app demonstrating that the approach is
framework-neutral); the Python one is beginning to be used on an
internal project to meet integration and general scripting
requirements. It's been a while since I've tested it thoroughly, but
the two language/framework implementations should be 100% interopable
(if not, it's a bug).

I did this partly to demonstrate (if any demonstration were needed)
that very lightweight integration protocols can work well, and
although I'm pleased with the result I could see myself contributing
to similar initiatives if they have similar goals and might get some
momentum behind them. The thing that has slowed me down is the fact
that the URI Template spec is in a state of flux; maybe the relevant
parts of JSON schema are in better shape (I'll be honest that I've
lost touch with that in recent months).


Matthew Painter

Feb 18, 2010, 4:39:15 PM2/18/10
to restful-json
Hi folks

Like Mike, I became aware of this group through the JSON Schema
group :)

I have a draft proposal for standardising descriptive meta data for
REST-JSON web services at

Should any of you care to review the proposal and comment on it,
please do!

Many thanks

Matthew Painter

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