REST Assured 5.1.1 is released

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Johan Haleby

Jun 10, 2022, 3:57:39 AMJun 10
REST Assured 5.1.1 is released. Changes are:

* Added support for Spring Framework 6.0 in Spring WebClientTest module
* Overwrite responseLogDetail when merging ResponseSpecificationImpl (issue 1493) (thanks to petur for pull request)
* Fix: rootPath does not allow chaining paths with leading operators (issue 1577) (thanks to Roman Mitasov for pull request)
* Fix: body(InputStream) does not work (issue 1480) (thanks to fedinskiy for pull request)
* Fix: jsonPath - return null if list(array) does not exists in input document (issue 1544) (thanks to Oleksandr Kulychok for pull request)
* Fix: Re-added groovy package to package imports for OSGi support (issue 1567) (thanks to Steven Huypens for pull request)
* Fix: class cast exception in RequestPrinter with byte[] body (thanks to Andreas Grub for pull request)
* Upgraded gson from 2.6.2 to 2.9.0

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