Report magic analog won't install

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Deb Mueggenberg

Nov 30, 2011, 5:12:37 PM11/30/11
to reportmagic-users
I have a client that uses report magic for their website. I just
moved ReportMagic from a GoDaddy hosting server to another server. I
have several questions:

1. I can't connect to the login page. -http:// How do I fix that?
2. I tried to reinstall ReportMagic thinking that would fix my
problems, I don't think it installed correctly because I can't get to
your analogs page. How do I get that to work
3. If I do get it reinstalled will it overwrite my current report

As you can see I am not that familiar with this statistical page and
any help would be appreciated.

Deb Mueggenberg

Nov 30, 2011, 5:12:11 PM11/30/11
to reportmagic-users

Jeremy Wadsack

Dec 10, 2011, 1:06:33 PM12/10/11
Report Magic doesn't create the stats folder on your web site, it just processes the output from Analog and generates a series of HTML files and images. You can either configure Report Magic to write to the stats folder at your website root ([reports] File_Out), or configure your web server to map that path to wherever you have Report Magic configured to write. 

Note also, that if you want regular updates you'll need to configure analog and Report Magic to be run on a scheduled basis, usually through cron.

The general suggestion is to install and configure analog so that it's reporting as you like (using HTML output). Once that's working, switch analog to OUTPUT COMPUTER and configure Report Magic. See the Quick Start guide for more details.

Jeremy Wadsack
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