[delete-project]: Clean up expired git repositories from the archive

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Tanpreet Singh

Dec 13, 2021, 7:43:01 AM12/13/21
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we could not understand the purpose of below message " [delete-project]: Clean up expired git repositories from the archive [/srv/gerrit/data/delete-project] "  when run command " gerrit show-queue -w". This message comes in every gerrit 2.15.22 version server.

$  ssh -p 29418 userid@gerrit-server gerrit show-queue -w
Task     State        StartTime         Command
f4f0a46e 23:00:00.001 20:05:04.116      Log File Compressor
54dbb0ed 20:05:05.557 20:05:04.557      [delete-project]: Clean up expired git repositories from the archive [/srv/gerrit/data/delete-project]
  2 tasks

As per document link : https://gerrit.googlesource.com/plugins/delete-project/+doc/master/src/main/resources/Documentation/config.md

We have disabled the archiveDeletedRepos = false in gerrit.config file but still getting above message of delete project.

> gerrit.config:
[plugin "@PLUGIN@"]
        archiveDeletedRepos = false

No data or archived project available in directory "/srv/gerrit/data/delete-project"
ubuntu@ip:/srv/gerrit/data/delete-project$ ls -l
total 0

Please note that, We have upgraded gerrit version 2.14 to 2.15.22. 

we did not find this message in gerrit version 2.14 as shown below:

$ ssh -p 29418 userid@gerrit-server gerrit show-queue -w
Task State StartTime Command
0 tasks

what is purpose or meaning of this message in show-queue output even though we have made false for archiveDeletedRepos and no data in /srv/gerrit/data/delete-project ??


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