Re: [Open Manufacturing] extrusions in the wild (was: Utilihab Test Frame)

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Leo Dearden

Feb 16, 2010, 10:36:22 AM2/16/10
On 14 February 2010 18:16, John Griessen <> wrote:

Why not design an open combustion control system for sawdust burning to use
for making portable extruder trailer mounted system for co-op use?  Vines
have fierce heat content...
IMHO, it's harder to make it work well, mostly because it's dirty and hard to control. Nonetheless, I like the idea of something that doesn't need mains power.

So sawdust burning could easily deliver a jet of forced air combustion flame front
to a ceram wool surrounded hot zone for making extruder billets.

Perhaps a gassifier (GEK style) would be a good approach for getting a finely controllable heat source. If you assume abundant cheap electricity, there's no doubt that induction is an elegant solution. If you can't make that assumption then a biomass fueled combustion furnace seems like a good alternative.


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