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Sep 25, 2020, 3:44:37 AM9/25/20
to Renjin
When looking at the "replacements" packages in renjin-release i noticed that several of them only had maven build scripts so I attempted to create gradle scripts for them.

The json/rjson package is a "traditional renjin extension" i.e. there is only java and R code and it follows the gradle/maven dir layout. It seems to me that the plugin should be used to build these kind of projects. 

Besides mandating a DESCRIPTION file everything else seems to be OK to be just like how "renjjin extensions"/Renjin native packages was created with maven before.

However when trying to use this plugin i get a complaint about stats: Exception in thread "main" org.renjin.eval.EvalException: Could not load package org.renjin:stats
in the compileNamespace.log

I could not see that stats is used anywhere there but just to be sure I created a "hello world" package and it displays the same issue.

Am i right in trying to use the javaPackagePlugin for what used to be "renjin extensions" when we were using maven?

Is there a working example of using it somewhere that I can use as reference to pinpoint the issue?

Best regards,
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