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Per Nyfelt

Aug 5, 2020, 1:24:36 PM8/5/20
to Renjin
I am happy to announce version 1.2 or Ride, An integrated development environment for Renjin R.
There are quite a number of new features. 

Here are the release highlights:

### 1.2 Final
- Add maven build support
    - Run maven commands from within Ride (requires maven to be installed)
    - Add a maven classloader that uses the dependencies in the pom to build the classpath
    - Lookup button when working with a pom.xml
    - It is a package browser to easily find the latest version of an artifact
    - Opens a Browser to maven central or if the artifact lookup comes back empty

- Add git support
    - Most commonly used actions supported (add, commit, pull, push, status etc. etc.)
    - Make git integration optional (configurable)

- Wizards
    - Create package wizard to give a good starting point for creating packages
    - Create project wizard to give a good starting point for creating projects
    - add ability to create a basic pom.xml in "any" directory

- Additional file support
    - Add support for markdown 
    - Add support for java files

- Test and make adjustments so it also works in Java 11 (with bundled javafx)

- Bump dependency versions, notably rideutils which now 
provides additional gui interactive abilities (prompt, chooseFile, chooseDir etc. see or the user manual for details)

- Startup scripts etc.
    - Add windows executable (experimental)
    - Removed the maven based execution to make things simpler
    - Removed ant based startup and just rely on scripts
    - Add support for env customizations ( called from start scripts if it exists)

- Many small fixes e.g.
    - recognize global assignment operators (<<-, ->>)
    - Enhanced connection functionality (auto save, jdbc url wizard)
    - If the previous working dir has been removed we no longer move to parent as that might take forever to parse, instead we just do not initialize the file tree.
    - Add styling to dialogs
    - Preserve indentation on next line
    - Add target/classes and target/test.classes to classpath to classic classloader (adjustable in options)
    - Only insert right side of brackets if we are on the end of the line (feels more intuitive this way).

Best regards,

Bertram, Alexander

Aug 6, 2020, 3:48:08 AM8/6/20
Very cool, Per!

Looking forward to playing with it later this week!!


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