HELP NEEDED! First Renjin working session this Friday

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Alexander Bertram

Jul 5, 2021, 7:07:36 AM7/5/21
to Renjin
Dear all,

Over the past year and a half I unfortunately have not had much time to work on Renjin. Though I still need to focus on other projects at the moment, I do want to spend some time in the coming months ensuring that I'm no longer the bottleneck in on going Renjin development.

To that end, I'd like to start a series of working session on the first Friday of each month to spend on Renjin and focus on onboarding new contributors. 

At this moment, the biggest blocker is the new half-finished build system, so even if working on interpreters/compilers is intimidating, there's plenty of other stuff to work on:

1. Jenkins setup for
2. Updating the package index (
3. Updating the website
4. Reviewing and updating package "must-pass" test lists

This Friday from 13h00 - 18h00 Amsterdam time, I'll be online at this link: join me here if you have some time to help!
Hope to see you there!

Jul 5, 2021, 3:59:56 PM7/5/21
to Renjin
This is wonderful news!

I was working on the "must-pass" tests but ran into a hurdle with some of them that contained c code that the gcc bridge could not make sense of. Unfortunately my C skills were so rusty I could not make of the code either but I have recently spent several weeks getting those skills back so I am ready to resume work in that area. I would be happy to help out on other things as well.

Looking forward to Friday!

Best regards,

Daniel Slutsky

Jul 8, 2021, 12:12:58 AM7/8/21

Sorry that I cannot help so much at the moment, just wanted to wish you all the best for this Friday!


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John Dimeo

Jul 8, 2021, 7:55:54 AM7/8/21
to Renjin
Thank you for doing this Alex. If I was in my previous role, I would have lobbied to my company for me to be a contributor here, but unfortunately I'm now working at a different company where I don't need Java + R integrations as much. I will continue to advocate for Renjin as much as I can!

Bertram, Alexander

Jul 8, 2021, 9:43:45 AM7/8/21
Thanks John and Daniel!

Alexander Bertram
Technical Director
BeDataDriven BV

Tel. Nederlands: +31(0)647205388
Skype: akbertram

Alexander Bertram

Jul 9, 2021, 7:51:10 AM7/9/21
to Renjin
Reminder that this is happening now ;-)

I need to do a non-renjin call now, but will be back in an hour.


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