Announcement: Munin 1.1.6 and related packages released

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Dec 8, 2021, 3:07:19 PM12/8/21
to Renjin

I am pleased to inform you that a new versions of Munin (a reporting server based on Renjin and Spring boot) and the packages that are key to writing reports for Munin (htmlcreator, r2md, mdr2html) was just released on github and maven central. Some details are below:

Munin (reportng server)
- Add breadcrumbs for improved navigation
- Cleanup alignments and fix some bootstrap 4 to 5 changes
- Add info dialog for report types
- upgrade spring-boot, liquibase, junit, htmlcreator, mdr2html versions

htmlcreator (A Renjin R package to create html using R)
- Add addPlot function for better plotting capabilities
- Make sure get content is enclosed in `<html> </html>`

r2md (A Renjin R package that converts R objects and functions into markdown text)
- add md.addPlot to allow more flexibility
- update junit and maven enforcer plugin versions.
- Fix bug in md.imgEmbed for external resources, add additional tests
- Fix bug in getting content from a StringArrayVector

mdr2html (A Renjin R package that uses r2md to render mdr files as html)
- upgrade r2md to 1.0.1 to add the md.addPlot function for more versatile plotting.

Best regards,
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