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Mar 4, 2011, 1:06:31 PM3/4/11
to "Renaissanced" Bicycle Group
Here is my first attempt at breathing life back into a 1959 Raleigh.

The real bump in the road (no pun intended) I am having now is the
wheels. They are pretty rusty and I have scrubbed and scrubbed so
without sandblasting those as well I guess I will be building some new
ones. Hoping to keep the hubs though. I will keep putting photos up
as I go.

If folks have advice I would love to hear it.

Thanks in advance.


Philip Williamson

Mar 4, 2011, 4:44:19 PM3/4/11
to joey.jarrell, "Renaissanced" Bicycle Group
Hi Joey,

Beautiful - I love the bars, and the British Racing Green. 
I'm an enemy of steel rims and galvanized spokes. I'd rebuild with stainless spokes on 590 CR18 rims. Harris has them in 40 hole for the rear. Tires should be easy to find.


 Philip Williamson


Mar 4, 2011, 5:24:11 PM3/4/11
to "Renaissanced" Bicycle Group
I agree on the CR 18 rims. Found them for $31 at a local shop. I
will have to go with Harris for a few things including cotters so I
can keep my crank. Also looking at those creamy Schwalbe tires
everyone loves so much. Grips and saddle in Honey Brown. The
trickiest part right now is getting this headbadge back on. Keep your
eyes on the flickr page for updates on all of it.


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Montclair BobbyB

Mar 4, 2011, 6:36:23 PM3/4/11
to "Renaissanced" Bicycle Group
Ditto... LOVE the BRG color...
And the fork crown dimples look to be in great shape from the photos.
Sounds like you're doing all the right stuff, Joey... good luck.

You're probably referring to the Schwalbe Delta Cruiser tires (as
these come in the size you're looking for)?
This bike will look primo when it's complete... Keep the photos


David Klatte

Mar 5, 2011, 8:31:13 AM3/5/11
to "Renaissanced" Bicycle Group
People are probably right that you would be happier with new rims in
the long run.

If you want to try, though... Scrub with aluminum foil and WD-40. I
have no idea why this works, but it does.



Mar 5, 2011, 9:40:12 AM3/5/11
to "Renaissanced" Bicycle Group
Thanks for the idea David. I will see how it turns out. Up till now
I have been using CLR and some fine steel wool on the chrome followed
by a little polish to bring out the shine. The Steel rims are a whole
different animal.

Bobby, I have found those Delta Cruisers a couple of different places
and they seem to always be selling out. Quite the popular item I

On tap today in the rainy southeast, a perfect day to stay in and work
on your bike, is reassembling the bottom bracket. Anyone have any
idea what sort of torque needs to be on the drive side cup? It was a
beast to get off but part of that of course was due to it having been
in the same position for over 50 years.



Mar 9, 2011, 6:00:36 PM3/9/11
to "Renaissanced" Bicycle Group
Couple of new photos up. One is of my variation of the Sheldon Brown
bottom bracket tool that made reinstalling the BB really tight a
cinch. The other is of the BB itself. Now I go into a holding
pattern as I wait for other pieces and parts to arrive and until I can
get the wheels rebuilt. I will keep updating as I go though.
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