Request: Add teleprompter option for the review of hymns?

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Silver Green Oak

Feb 15, 2022, 2:31:09 PM2/15/22
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Would it be possible to add the option of teleprompt for memorizing and reviewing hymns/songs hands-free? 

Reading posts on this forum I see you allow and encourage secondary dedicated accounts for systematic rotation of prayer focuses/requests.  This leads me to believe you might also be ok with me setting up a dedicated Remember Me account for hymns and songs.  Yes?

My siblings and I are avid users of Remember Me for Scripture review and tell others about the app every chance we get.  We love the systematic rotation of known passages and the option to record and check ones recitation.

Now 3 of my siblings have infants, some of whom have medical conditions requiring parents hold them upright and soothe them large portions of the day and night.  My siblings sing to their babies.  Holding hymn books doesn't work with arms full of child, burp cloth etc and after inventing 7 verses to 'Jesus Loves Me' they rack their brain on what else to sing (remember this goes on at 3 in the morning).  So they've asked me to find a way to provide lyrics (no audio) for the review/rotation of hymns and Sunday school songs.  
It needs to be usable off-line, and have lyrics large enough to set the phone/laptop down and still see the words (hence the teleprompter "ticker" style of words moving across the screen at a user determined speed).

So my requests are 3:
1.) Are you ok with me using your app for the review of sacred music?  If so, then--
2.) Are you ok with me creating and publishing a collection of hymns and a collection of kids Sunday school songs for my siblings to download?
3.) Would you consider adding a teleprompter option so while hands-free they can see large lyrics moving by at a sing-able speed?

I totally understand if this is not a direction you want your app to go.  I've asked my church facebook group if they know of a hymn teleprompt app with systemic rotation for review and they knew of nothing.  Perhaps you or someone on this forum does know of an already existing app intended for this purpose, in which case I'm eager to hear about it!  
Thank you for any input and THANK YOU for the Remember Me app!
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