My V5? iphone app has crashed, and I need help to transfer 1505 verses to V6, please.

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Jem Stanners

Nov 28, 2022, 8:29:03 PM11/28/22
to Remember Me Forum
Dear Rev. Peter.  I have been using Remember Me to remember scriptures and important notes. With the recent iPhone upgrade (or about that time) the app I have on my iPhone XR absolutely refuses to load.  (20 or 30 attempts at various times of day all resulted in the app crashing before the splash screen.)
I deleted the app in the hope I could re-install it, but the app on the Apple App Store seems to be a newer version.  The new app asks for my email address and password, so I think it may be V6 despite it not advertising that fact.

So I could not log in, and I cannot re-load the v5 app.
I found one email from Rev. Peter sent to my email on my PC, so I was able to find the online My Remember me, thank you, which appears to be an older version, because it asks for my USERNAME and password.
So I can see my verses, praise God.  But I cannot export them, or even print them all without doing only one at a time.  The web app fights me when I want to do something to back up my ALL such as print, limiting what I can do with my verses.  And the recommended way of exporting requires the phone app running, which it won't.

So I "tried" version 6 on my PC.  It insisted on my email, and password.  Knowing that you have my email in your system somewhere, I expected that it was an equivalent sign-in process, but once V6 loaded, all my 1505 verses were gone!  So I am hoping that it is a parallel application on your server with a separate database, and that there is a way of exporting and re-importing, or converting my v5 verses to v6, please?  When I was writing apps for a living, I made all upgrades to update and convert databases automatically, with manual roll-back only in case of unexpected difficulties, so I do not want to touch my verses without much more knowledge and understanding of the Remember Suites and their interactions. ( and the DELETE ALL button is right next to the PUBLISH button, which I could not make do anything useful, probably due to my mind working the wrong way :-)

I dare not go back into the v5 web app in case all my verses really do disappear without recovery.  I don't know what interactions there are between v5 and v6
I don't want to end up accidentally deleting my entire collection as a result of doing the wrong thing  :-)

I need your help, please; I am completely at your mercy.
Thanks in advance, Jem Stanners

Rev. Peter

Dec 2, 2022, 3:18:15 PM12/2/22
to Remember Me Forum
There is indeed a separate database and server with old v5 accounts, but I have not been able to find an account with your email address or user name. 
Could it be possible that you used a different name?
I made sure that accounts don't get upgraded automatically in order to not confuse users. So don't worry, your verses must be somewhere.

Jem Stanners

Dec 17, 2022, 6:13:33 PM12/17/22
to Remember Me Forum
Dear Rev. Peter
Because I sent you my usernames and passwords so you could identify my v5 account and my v6 account, I used the "reply to Author" option to reply to this post some time ago now.  I do not know if you got my reply.  With Christmas fever upon us, I expect you are extremely busy.
Jem Stanners

Google User

Dec 19, 2022, 3:30:30 PM12/19/22
to Remember Me Forum
Please send your account details to
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