Digital Magazines on the iPad as the new Web 3.0?

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Rodney Degracia

Mar 22, 2010, 9:51:41 PM3/22/10

Refresh Orlando!

I'm looking at the Digital Magazine previews, especially VIV Magazine, at

From what I can see, Digital Magazines have both the interactivity of a website with high quality video that enhances the text, graphical content in a way that the normal web-browser is not currently capable.

This brings up some interesting questions. Tell me what you think!

- Are Digital Magazines the new Web 3.0; where the Digital Magazine on a iPad or tablet becomes a truly immersive experience, compared to a standard web-site. ?

- How will web design and web designers adapt to Digital Magazines on the iPad?

- Should these Digital Magazines be ignored? Are they a fad?

- Will Digital Magazines be the new "web" for the iPad or tablets?

According to City of Orlando's Creative Village booklet, "Orlando is one of the top 12 digital media clusters in the country. A recent study by the research firm Catalytix validates that Orlando is poised to become a top destination for creative types. According to the study, there are 317 local film and entertainment technology businesses in the area that employ more than 8,000 workers, host $1.4 billion in annual sales and pay $280 million in salaries. Another 822 “arts” businesses employ 6,000 people.The average wage for Orlando’s high- tech worker is $70,000." (Film & Entertainment Technology: Opportunities and Obstacles for Sustainable Regional Growth, Catalytix; Study Commissioned by The Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission; delivered October 11, 2006.)

It seem from the above Study that Orlando has the creative people, we have the local film and entertainment technology businesses.

What do you think of Orlando being the premiere production-center for Digital Magazines, here in Florida?

If not, why not?

If you don't answer, does that mean we're doomed to wait for Los Angeles and New York to take the lead? ;)

Rodney Degracia

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