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Robert Moskowitz

Feb 26, 2022, 9:00:49 PM2/26/22
to redsleeve-users
Google showed me how to get the rbf repo via the git clone command. So I
am set up with the current rbf stuff.

This seems to only be set up for RS7, not the RS8.2  I can start testing
with RS7 unless there is an 'easy' fix for 8.

I am going to set up a Cubieboard2 for starters.  I want only uboot on
the mSD and all the partitions on the HD.  The uboot for Cubie has long
supported if there were no partitions on the mSD card, to auto look on
the HD for the /boot partition.  Is that the case with your install? 
Can I install to both a mSD card (and then delete all partitions) and
install to a HD (and resize partitions as desired), boot and go?  I will
have the serial console set up.

Oh, and do I simply run rbfinstaller as root with the mSD card as
/dev/mb... and HD as /dev/sdb ?

Thanks for any guidance.

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