RSEL 8.1 (and RSEL 8)

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Bjarne Saltbæk

Apr 16, 2020, 2:31:11 PM4/16/20
to redsleeve-users
Hi Gordan / Jacco.

What is the current status on RSEL8?

I see one of you build a lot of modules and added a module.xml to the repodir.

How did you build those modules?

Can I help with building EL 8.1 ?


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Jacco Ligthart

Jun 8, 2020, 3:49:09 PM6/8/20

Hi Bjarne,

Looking through my mail, I realized I did not yet answer your mail.

One of the issues is that I'm not sure where I want to go with this (RS8 for armv5)

So the short answer is: I made modules. I made them with mock, often with some special config flags (found in CentOS's modules.yaml) I also punked together a very crude (bash) tool to generate a modules.yaml file based on a template (based on CentOS) and files found in the repo.

My efforts have been halted due to holiday/work/more work/RH7.8/etc.

I found that the whole process is labor intensive and I was not sure how many people would really use this.

For RS7 I can more or less start a build, wait a couple of days and most will be OK. Yes there are ~ 30 rpms that always need attention and yes these seem to update more than the others, but it is manageable.

For RS8, there is the same and then for each module (~ 60 and counting) there is also research to be done (which flags, what does the template look like, do I now compile the right perl module to the right perl version. etc). And, on top of that, many of the build dependencies simply do not exist in the distro, so you keep trying to find the right extra srpm (another ~60 and counting)

And for what? how many people are actually using or are wanting to use RS8 on armv5. I personally still have a couple of old raspberry v1 in use. I would like to update those to 8. The same would be the case for raspberry zero. But everything else is getting sort of outdated with old unsupported kernels. probably some issues with the distro expecting a newer kernel ...

And if it can do armv7 you can just use CentOS.

So my proposal would be to make a RS8 distro with two streams (in stead of three as upstream):

- base

- modules

In base we put everything that is not a module from upstream BaseOS, upstream AppStream and upstream PowerTools.

in modules we put all modules (no surprise). But here limit ourself to:

- modules needed to build base

- modules that users ask for

- modules that we think should have been in base (httpd / mariadb / postgresql / you get the drift)

Another issue is that CentOS is even more closed about 8 than they are for 7. So for 7, I know where I can find the srpms before they are published. They might not be final, but well, I can start a test build. For 8.2 they are now already 6 weeks busy building and to me all the artifacts are lost in the git/koji jungle. I know I can find single items, but "the list of all srpms that are build for 8.2_base" is nowhere to be found.

What are your thoughts?


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