RedSleeve 8.5 / armv6 almost done compiling

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Jacco Ligthart

Dec 15, 2021, 6:54:25 PM12/15/21
Hi List,

I was at 80% of building 8.4 when 8.5 was released upstream ...

At that point I made the decision to also shift my attention to 8.5.

Now most has been build an it's time to publish the result.

my proposal is:

1. stop syncing from me to

2. move the 'el8' directory on to 'el8-armv5' or similar

3. I'll prepare a new sync on my end with 8.5 / armv6

4. start the sync again.

This way we'll archive all the armv5 stuff and do not have too much
overlap between the armv5 and armv6 trees.

Till now I build all of BaseOS (with some exceptions that don't make
sense to build), most of AppStream (almost all 'plain' Appstream and
about half the modules), most of PowerTools (same story) and only the
needed things from Devel.

Still todo are some AppStream modules, "fresh" kernels and root images.


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