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Apr 5, 2022, 12:48:16 PM4/5/22
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Ciao everyone,

We've just released Redis 7.0's 3rd release candidate - here are the notes:

New Features

New administrative and introspection commands and command arguments

  • CLUSTER SHARDS command deprecates CLUSTER SLOTS (#10293)

Potentially Breaking Changes

  • CONFIG GET response returned in a non-deterministic order.
    It's possible that a client was relying on configs order (#10323)
  • SORT / SORT_RO commands reject keys access patterns in GET and BY if ACL
    doesn't grant the command full keyspace access (#10340)
  • FUNCTION LOAD command introduced in 7.0-RC1 was stripped of the ENGINE, and
    NAME arguments which are now part of the script itself. The DESCRIPTION
    argument was completely removed (#10500)
  • Set disable-thp config to be immutable (#10409)

Performance and resource utilization improvements

  • Optimize performance and memory usage on replicas (#10413)
  • A faster and more robust code of zslRandomLevel using RAND_MAX (#5539)

Changes in CLI tools

  • redis-cli: Use exit code 1 on error (#10468)
  • redis-cli: Do DNS lookup before sending CLUSTER MEET (#10436)
  • redis-benchmark: Fix --cluster with IPv6. (#10393)
  • redis-cli: Better --json Unicode support and --quoted-json (#10286)

INFO fields and introspection changes

  • MEMORY STATS: Show cluster.links memory usage (#10302)

Module API changes

  • APIs for exposing module configs to config file and CONFIG command (#10285)
  • Add an event notifying about configuration changes (#10311)
  • Add API for redacting command arguments from SLOWLOG and MONITOR (#10425)
  • RM_Call: new flags for script mode compatibility, no writes, and error replies (#10372)

Bug Fixes

  • Sentinel: Fix no reconnect after auth-pass is changed (#10400)
  • Cluster: Fix race condition: Turn into replica on SETSLOT (#10489, #10381)
  • XREADGROUP: Unblock client when the stream key is deleted (#10306)

Fixes for issues in previous release candidates of Redis 7.0

  • ACL DRYRUN does not validate the verified command args. (#10405)
  • ACL DRYRUN returns the tested common permission error (#10359)
  • Incorrect parsing of hostname information from nodes.conf (#10435)
  • BITSET and BITFIELD SET should propagate even if just length changed (#10459)
  • SHUTDOWN, Fix a possible crash when the shutdown was aborted (#10440)
  • Script should not allow may-replicate commands when client pause write (#10364)
  • Optimization tracking memory usage from i/o threads. (#10401)
  • Initialize help when using redis-cli help or redis-cli ? (#10382)
  • Dismiss COW of client output buffer now that it's dynamic (#10371)
  • Fix memory corruption when EVAL fails before being processed (#10519)

The Redis Core Team

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