redis sentinel authentication error logging

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Dhirendra Singh

Sep 6, 2021, 8:49:38 AMSep 6
Hi All,
I have setup 3 instances of redis sentinel with authentication enabled.
Each redis sentinel instance has to authenticate when it connects to the other sentinel instances.
By mistake i configured wrong user and password in the sentinel.conf file causing the authentication to fail.
I expected the authentication error to be logged in the log file. In my case it is standard output.
But I see no authentication error logged in the log file. instead I only see log lines that other 2 sentinel instances are down.
# +sdown sentinel 8346995e1b234acd 26379 @ mymaster 6379
# +sdown sentinel 0124ab45xdghj8cq 26379 @ mymaster 6379

Am I missing any configuration ?
redis and sentinel version i am using is 6.2.1

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