New User: Redis (with Nginx) Dynamic Page Caching Capabilities (vs Varnish)

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s s

Jul 27, 2021, 8:01:40 AMJul 27
Hello all,
   I am new to Redis and so I hope you bear with me if my question is quite basic or ignorant.  Basically, I am trying to understand the capabilities of Redis (community version) with Nginx page caching specifically in terms of dynamic caching.  And how its capabilities compare to Varnish.  From my searching and articles I have read so far, the general consensus seems to be that Varnish is more flexible and offers more abilities for dynamic page caching.  Is this indeed the case today?  Or has Redis+Nginx page caching advanced to offer more or less the same features for dynamic page caching?

Viktor Söderqvist

Aug 23, 2021, 3:31:44 PMAug 23
to, s s

Redis doesn't understand HTTP cache headers or even the HTTP protocol.
Redis is a key-value storage where the value can be plain binary data or
one of a few basic data structures.

Maybe you need to look at an Nginx module which is using Redis
internally, such as this one:

It's not part of Redis itself, so maybe there is another mailing list.

Hope it helps.

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