Discover the 10-Second Ritual Behind My 50lbs Weight Loss

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212lbs down to 139

Jan 2, 2024, 7:25:29 AMJan 2

Going from 212lbs down to 139 was one of the happiest moments of my life.

I always wanted to be one of those moms who could look good in yoga pants...

As I took my kid's to their soccer games, sports practices and after school activities.

There was only one problem.

No matter what I tried, I was always heavier than I wanted to be.

I'd go on a diet, lose 5 pounds if I was lucky, then everything would stall or I'd get bored and move on to something else.

Dieting isn't fun and it made me miserable. But I didn't even get the payoff either.

I was eating foods that made me miserable AND I was still overweight.

Not a great combo.

Things finally changed when I went to grab dinner at a restaurant next to my gym.

As I was walking out with my food...

A woman from the gym was walking to her car.

I kept seeing her all the time at the gym...

She was in amazing shape...

But she didn't really do anything.

She just spent most of her time stretching and she'd walk for a bit on the treadmill.

I was so desperate and frustrated at this point, I just didn't care...

So I walked up to her and asked her what she did.

She told me about a 10-second ritual she did every morning.

I remember thinking that she had to be hiding something...

Because it seemed way too easy.

But I was desperate, so I gave it a try...

And I'm so glad I did...

After a week, I started getting all these compliments at work...

People started talking to me more when I was out and about...

And I can't lie...

Losing 73 pounds felt GREAT.

But I feel even better drumming up the courage to take a leap of faith...

And talk to that complete stranger from the gym...

Otherwise who knows where I'd be.

Here's the 10-second morning routine I'm doing if you're interested.



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"It is now six hundred years since Sneffels has spoken, but though now reduced to a state of utter silence, he may speak again. New volcanic eruptions are always preceded by perfectly well-known phenomena. I have closely examined the inhabitants of this region; I have carefully studied the soil, and I beg to tell you emphatically, my dear Harry, there will be no eruption at present." As I listened to his positive affirmations, I was stupefied and could say nothing. "I see you doubt my word," said my uncle; "follow me." I obeyed mechanically. Leaving the presbytery, the Professor took a road through an opening in the basaltic rock, which led far away from the sea. We were soon in open country, if we could give such a name to a place all covered with volcanic deposits. The whole land seemed crushed under the weight of enormous stones—of trap, of basalt, of granite, of lava, and of all other volcanic substances. I could see many spouts of steam rising in the air. These white vapors, called in the Icelandic language "reykir," come from hot water fountains, and indicate by their violence the volcanic activity of the soil. Now the sight of these appeared to justify my apprehension. I was, therefore, all the more surprised and mortified when my uncle thus addressed me. "You see all this smoke, Harry, my boy?" "Yes, sir." "Well, as long as you see them thus, you have nothing to fear from the volcano." "How can that be?" "Be careful to remember this," continued the Professor. "At the approach of an eruption these spouts of vapor redouble their activity—to disappear altogether during the period of volcanic eruption; for the elastic fluids, no longer having the necessary tension, seek refuge in the interior of the crater, instead of escaping through the fissures of the earth. If, then, the steam remains in its normal or habitual state, if their energy does not increase, and if you add to this, the remark that the wind is not replaced by heavy atmospheric pressure and dead calm, you may be quite sure that there is no fear of any immediate eruption." "Enough, my boy. When science has sent forth her fiat—it is only to hear and obey." I came back to the house quite downcast and disappointed. My uncle had completely defeated me with his scientific arguments. Nevertheless, I had still one hope, and that was, when once we were at the bottom of the crater, that it would be impossible in default of a gallery or tunnel, to descend any deeper; and this, despite all the learned Saknussemms in the world. I passed the whole of the following night with a nightmare on my chest! and, after unheard-of miseries and tortures, found myself in the very depths of the earth, from which I was suddenly launched into planetary space, under the form of an eruptive rock!
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