[RELEASE] Redis 5.0 RC1 is out!

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Salvatore Sanfilippo

May 29, 2018, 10:48:55 AM5/29/18
to redi...@googlegroups.com
Hi all,

finally Redis 5 is ready to be tested by a larger use base :-) There is
more work to reach GA level, but now only a few things are missing from the
Streams implementation, they are documented online (work in progress... but
there is enough to find your way I hope), and the feature set is definitely
finalized. So Redis RC1 is out with the following new features:

1. The new Stream data type. https://redis.io/topics/streams-intro
2. New Redis modules APIs: Timers and Cluster API.
3. RDB now store LFU and LRU information.
4. The cluster manager was ported from Ruby (redis-trib.rb) to C code
inside redis-cli. Check `redis-cli --cluster help` for more info.
5. New sorted set commands: ZPOPMIN/MAX and blocking variants.
6. Active defragmentation version 2.
7. Improvemenets in HyperLogLog implementations.
8. Better memory reporting capabilities.
9. Many commands with sub-commands now have an HELP subcommand.
10. Better performances when clients connect and disconnect often.
11. Many bug fixes and other random improvements.
12. Jemalloc was upgraded to version 5.1

Streams are definitely the release main goal, but we managed to accumulate
quite a few important changes in the development cycle, including a Cluster
and Timers API for modules that will be the foundation for a Disque module,
new sorted sets commands like ZPOPMIN/MAX and the blocking variants, that I
bet will be welcomed by many, redis-cli implementation of the cluster
manager, and so forth.

If you are new to streams I really suggest to start from here:


Please open an issue immediately if you see something broken! And have fun


Salvatore 'antirez' Sanfilippo
open source developer - Redis Labs https://redislabs.com

"If a system is to have conceptual integrity, someone must control the
— Fred Brooks, "The Mythical Man-Month", 1975.
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