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Jun 7, 2024, 3:10:18 PMJun 7

Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
Telemedicine and Resource Utilization in Pulmonary Clinic
por Jun 6, 2024

Puthumana, R.M., Grosgogeat, C.A., Davis, J.K. et al. BMC Pulm Med 24, 267 (2024).



Telemedicine use increased with the Covid-19 pandemic. The impact of telemedicine on resource use in pulmonary clinics is unknown.


This retrospective cohort study identified adults with pulmonary clinic visits at the University of Miami Hospital and Clinics (January 2018-December 2021). The primary exposure was telemedicine versus in-person visits. Standard statistics were used to describe the cohort and compare patients stratified by visit type. Multivariable logistic regression models evaluated the association of telemedicine with resource use (primarily, computed tomography [CT] orders placed within 7 days of visit).


Association of Telemedicine with Resource Use. 
21,744 clinic visits were included: 5,480 (25.2%) telemedicine and 16,264 (74.8%) in-person. In both, the majority were < 65-years-old, female, and identified as Hispanic white. Patients seen with telemedicine had increased odds of having CT scans ordered within 7 days (adjusted odds ratio [aOR] 1.34, [95% confidence interval 1.04–1.74]); and decreased odds of chest x-rays (aOR 0.37 [0.23–0.57])...
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