Recent life science and bioscience headlines this month ( Aug, 2010)

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Aug 26, 2010, 11:32:18 AM8/26/10
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Good day,

A lot happened this month in the world of biosciences, Here are some
of the most interesting happenings around the world this month! Feel
free to forward this mail to your friends.

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paste it in your browser to access the whole bioscience news headlines
this month Aug, 2010. Feel free also to air your views on any of the
news that interests you in our bioscience forum.

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Nanotechnology and biomolecular inquires; targeting and studying
individual cells with nanostructures.- (Aug, 2010 editorial report
bioscience headlines)


Scientist IDs Genes That Promise to Make Biofuel Production More
Efficient (Aug, 2010)

Frozen Flies May Yield Secrets for Human Organ Transplants- (Aug,

Virus May Act as 'Evolution-Proof' Biopesticide Against Malaria-
(Aug, 2010)

Antibiotics on the verge of becoming completely useless- (Aug,
2010 )

Novel bee venom derivative forms a nanoparticle smart bomb to target
cancer cell (Aug,2010)

Scientists Direct Adult Stem Cells to Repair the Heart- (Aug, 2010)

How salmonella helps kill cancer cells (Aug, 2010)

New nanoscale transistor allow sensitive probing inside cells - (Aug,

Researchers Discovers how key enzymes repair sun damaged DNA- (Aug,
2010 )

Single cell injections- (Aug, 2010 )

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**********GENERAL SCIENCE NEWS HEADLINES****************

Obese men have lower sperm count- (Aug, 2010 )

Lack of sleep can damage the brain - (Aug, 2010)

Man with sprouted pea in lung- (Aug 2010)

The newest eating disorder: Sleep Eating- (Aug, 2010)

Improve memory with sleep, practise and testing- (Aug, 2010)

Nano Paint Makes Airplanes “Disappear” On Radar( Aug,2010)

Light-rechargeable batteries- (Aug, 2010)

Sensory hijack: rewiring brains to see with sound - (Aug, 2010)

Dead cow carcasses "resurrected" to produce cloned beef - (Aug,

It's official: Smoking makes you stupid- It reduces your IQ - (Aug,
2010 )

Be careful, Phone virus can increase your Tariff- - (Aug, 2010 )

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Nigerian scientist wins national award for sleeping sickness research
-( Aug, 2010)

Repositioning NIPRD for Greater efficiency: NIPRD gets new DG- (Aug,

Nigerian Government to create employment through waste management-
(Aug, 2010)

West African successes against guinea worm disease - (Aug, 2010)

Nigerian scientist wins world health organization (WHO) first
fellowship award (Aug, 2010)

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