Recent life science and bioscience headlines this month ( Sept, 2010)

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Sep 29, 2010, 7:54:33 PM9/29/10
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A lot happened this month in the world of biosciences, Here are some
of the most interesting happenings around the world of biosciences
this month! Feel
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Prof. Nok: Africa’s sleeping sickness gene founder speaks his
discovery & health

Global initiative underway to preserve yam biodiversity

Africa: Orange' maize could save eyesight of millions of African

Nigerian Minister calls for more science reporting

Laboratory scientists seek improved health sector infrastructure

Scientists send weevils after water hyacinth

Study predicts massive impact of drought tolerant maize in Africa

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Structure That Allows Bacteria to Resist Drugs Identified

Researchers create molecule blocks key component of cancer genes' on-
off switch

Key Mechanism Behind Sleep Discovered

Outsmarting Killer Bacteria

Salmonella's secret weapon

New technique uncovers hidden insecticide resistance

Predicting drug response

Malaria's newest pathway into human cells identified

Frog Skin May Provide Antimicrobial agent Effective Against Multidrug-

Scientists Reveal Structure Of Dangerous Bacteria's Powerful Multidrug

New Material That Resembles Cilia May Revolutionize Future Sensors

Scientists Create New Process to 'Program' Cancer Cell Death

Tuberculosis: How Mycobacteria Avoid Destruction Inside Human Cells

Protein Can Regulate Blood Stem Cells: New Hope for Future Leukemia

Scientists discover new protein that gets to the roots of obesity and

Drug-resistant germs found to help their brethren through the attack

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******GENERAL SCIENCE NEWS HEADLINES*******************

Smokers show elevated diabetes risk

Cars as traffic sensors

Black Motorcyclists- Even in Helmets- More Likely to Die in Crashes

Levels of toxic chemicals in the body plummet after five days eating
nothing but

Drinking Coffee can Help Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Can't Focus? Maybe It's The Wrong Time Of Month

Standing on a stepladder makes you age faster

Artificial skin gets touchy

Mimicking nature, water-based 'artificial leaf' produces electricity

Acute pain is eased with the touch of a hand

Psychologist shows why we 'choke' under pressure -- and how to avoid

New artificial skin could make prosthetic limbs and robots more

How Insulin Stimulates Fat Cells To Take In Glucose

DNA Trick May Be Clue To Cancer Cells' Eternal Life

Blood Signatures to Diagnose Infection

Mimicking nature, water-based 'artificial leaf' produces electricity

Cancer risk with insulin drops

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