ANN - SQLite 3.6.19 adds foreign keys support

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Darren Duncan

Oct 15, 2009, 3:00:32 AM10/15/09
For those of you that use or are considering the excellent SQLite DBMS,

... I just wanted to let you know that the SQLite developers have now released
the first version, 3.6.19, which has support for enforcing SQL foreign keys
(previously you had to use triggers to have a similar effect).

See for the details of the foreign key
support that SQLite now has.

Also be sure to look at the section
, because you have to enable a pragma on each connect to use the foreign keys
feature; it isn't yet on by default for backwards compatibility purposes.

As I imagine many of the actual or potential SQLite users have been pining away
for SQLite to support this feature for a long while, you'll want to dig in right
away. Oh, and they want people to test it.

As the official SQLite release announcement says: "This release has been
extensively tested (we still have 100% branch test coverage). [The SQLite
developers] consider this release to be production ready. Nevertheless, testing
can only prove the presence of bugs, not their absence. So if you encounter
problems, please let us know."

If you feel that a bug you find is in SQLite itself rather than an adaptor for
your language of choice (unless you use C, wherein you use it directly), the
main users email forum for SQLite in general is at:

... where you can report it as an appropriate list post (the SQLite issue
tracking system is no longer updateable by the public; posting in the list can
cause an update there by a registered SQLite developer).

If you would use it directly such as with C, you can get it here:

On a tangent, DBD::SQLite version 1.26_05 , the Perl binding for SQLite, has
also been released today and bundles 3.6.19; you can get it at:

For people using this, we request that you test the new version, especially with
foreign key usage, and report any bugs you find specific to that on RT.

Thank you. -- Darren Duncan

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