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Darren Duncan

May 31, 2009, 11:37:25 PM5/31/09
to recco...@googlegroups.com

Sometime between now and the end of this summer, I'm looking to remove the
crutch of living so far away (in Deep Cove) from most of the people and
businesses / clients I interact with, by moving into an apartment close to
down-town Victoria. (This also means that post-move it should be relatively
easy for me to attend RCSS or other meetings more often, as any travel overhead
is mostly gone.)

I'm writing you all in case you have any tips about where are good apartments to
look into, or bad ones to avoid; I assume that many of you are or have recently
lived in such a situation and are probably more familiar with what's available
than I am. I am also talking with other friends and family, but RCSS is
basically the only email list I'm writing.

I'm reasonably flexible, but ...

What I'm looking for is a place to myself; I don't want to share a place with
anyone. I'm looking for an apartment, not a basement/etc of someone's house.
It should not be ground floor but at least a full story up. I particularly need
an apartment that can be kept cool easily all year round, and devoid of much
direct sunlight. Perhaps north-facing is preferred, but that isn't essential if
there are other means to avoid heat or sun. Location-wise, it should be south
of Mackenzie, west of UVIC, not in Esquimalt / Western Communities / etc; it
should be generally in walking distance of the downtown core, or failing that,
very close to a frequent transit bus; it should be close to the areas where
businesses are rather than a straight residential area. I'm looking for
multiple rooms; a separate room for a bedroom from the living room, and it
should have the basic fridge/stove/etc amenities; otherwise reasonably simple.

For a time-table, I'm not impatient but I want to secure a place early enough as
to beat the Aug-Sept/etc influx of students from taking the best choices. I
don't have to move in at any specific time, but just want to secure something
for soon.

Given that this is OT, please reply to me off-list.

Thank you in advance.

-- Darren Duncan

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