Seeking Fanatic 370 specs

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John Stockman

Jul 16, 2001, 10:58:05 AM7/16/01
Hello all,

I am a beginner windsurfer and was wondering if anyone knew of an
online database of board specs or have the specs for a Fanatic 370?

Thanks in advance,


Martin Farrimond

Jul 16, 2001, 4:23:01 PM7/16/01
Well - over the years, there have been a number of Fanatic boards of that
sort of length. The most appropriate I can find in my database is 1986
Fanatic Club 370, which had previously been sold as the HiFly 600 (Fanatic
bought all of HiFly's moulds when HiFly went bust in 1985). Vital stats for
the Club 370:

Length: 369cm
Vol: 209 litres
Max width: 71cm
Weight: 22Kg (!!)
Construction: Polyurethane foam core/Polyethylene skin
Fitted with 6 footstraps & retracting daggerboard.
Tested: Boards Mag (UK), Issue No: 32 (June 1986) - which I can dig out if
you're interested.

Advice: Don't buy it! If it's being offered free of charge, think carefully
about it. Biggest problem will be attaching rig to board: The board was
fitted with Fanatic's own mast track which will almost certainly have a
proprietary fixing. If it works fine - great, if not you'll be unlikely to
be able to get it repaired/replaced/find parts. You'll also need to
reinforce the car roof to transport the thing ;-)

Martin Farrimond - K62

"John Stockman" <> wrote in message

John Stockman

Jul 18, 2001, 3:18:43 PM7/18/01
Martin, thank you for the insights. I will take your advice and pass
on this board in favor of something more 'modern' and mugh lighter.


Mark H.

Jul 19, 2001, 12:49:16 AM7/19/01
Now wait a second. While I agree with Martin's assessment of the
polyethelyne "Club" board, there was another model commonly called the
Fanatic 370 that was quite different. John, see if the one you're
interested in is called the "lightwind race" 370.
A composite construction, it was produced from about 1988 until the early
nineties, when it was continued for a couple years under the Alpha brand
name, after Fanatic bought Alpha out. At 12'3", 230 liters volume and
around 30 lbs., this board is still worth having at a cheap price if in good
condition, IMHO. It's good to learn and progress on, very stable, does well
in light winds, good to 20 knots. Flys downwind, motors OK upwind, but not
competitive with other raceboards due to its small centerboard and chined
I think one can still find parts, if needed. The mast track was the same as
most all other Fanatics of that period, of which loads were sold, very
simple and easy operating construction.

Mark H.
The Bronx

John Stockman <> wrote in message

Sowmya Dhanwada

May 26, 2021, 12:43:53 PM5/26/21
What would be the best price for this board? I am looking to get into windsurfing and I was going to try this as my beginner board.
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