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Die Heimat by Edgar Reitz taped from BBC?

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ReindeR Rustema

May 26, 1996, 3:00:00 AM5/26/96

Hi there,

I'm desperately looking for somebody (in UK preferably) who taped all the
episodes of Die Heimat a 10 hour film by Edgar Reitz. I'm missing the
first 3 parts.

Also from the 20 hour film Die Zweite Heimat I need a good copy of part 9.
At the time there was a depression over The Channel so I there were severe
disturbances overhere in Holland were I recorded it.

I'll make sure to make at as convenient as possible for you to help me,
for as far as I'm concerned you can even make a profit.

TIA! ReindeR from Amsterdam

PS (I can't use Dutch subtitled versions I want to show this film (in a
marathon session) to friends from abroad. So they understand what the best
possible film ever would look like:-) )

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