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Charles P. Samenow

May 1, 1993, 1:21:36 PM5/1/93

Does anyone have any good "other" names for airlines?


SABENA (Such A Bad Experience Never Again)



Those are just a few... I'd be interested in some others!


N C Patterson

May 1, 1993, 3:09:15 PM5/1/93

This is the list I have. I've edited out any ones which may posibly have
caused offence.
Can't remember where I got the original list from...


AI Allah Informed!
ALITALIA Aircraft Landed In Tokyo, All Luggage In Anchorage
ALITALIA Airplane Landed In Toronto And Luggage In Atlanta
ALITALIA Airplane Lands In Tokyo And Luggage In Australia
ALITALIA Always Late In Takeoff, Always Late In Arrival
ANA Always Not Abailable (All Nipon Airline)
BOAC Better On A Camel
BOEING Bits Of Engine In Numerous Gardens
British Airways Bloodish Airway
CAAC China's Airlines Almost Crashes
CAAC China's Airlines Always Cancel
DAN AIR Dangerous And Nearly Always Incredibly Rough
DAN AIR Dan Dare
DELTA Don't Even Leave The Airport
DELTA Don't Ever Leave The Aircraft (in flight)
EL AL Every Landing, Always Late
JAL Joke About Life (Japan Air Line)
JAT Joke About Time
KLM Koop Lockheed Majesteit
LOT Lands Often in Tempelhof
LOT Lands On Tegel (West Berlin's airport)
LOT Lots Of Trouble
MSA May Still Arrive
OLYMPIC Onassis Likes Your Money Paid In Cash
PIA Please Inform Allah
QANTAS Quarrelsome And Nasty Typical Australian Service
QANTAS Queer And Nasty, Try Another Service.
QANTAS Quite A Nice Trip, Any Survivors ?
SABENA Sauf Accident, Bien Entendu, Nous Arrivons
SABENA Such A Bad Experience, Never Again
SABENA Such A Bloody Experience, Never Again !
TAP Take Another Plane
TAROM Trash And Rubble On Move (Romania's airline)
TWA Take the Waitress Away
TWA Time Waste Airlines
TWA Try Walking Across
TWA Two Weeks After
USAir U.S. Scare
USAir Unfortunately Still Allegheny in reality
USAir Useless Air

All opinions expressed are, of course, my own, and nothing at all to do with
Lancaster University...

Norman Patterson

Noah Cole

May 1, 1993, 6:43:06 PM5/1/93
to (Charles P. Samenow) writes:




PLEASE lets not go through this again. They are listed in the FAQ I believe...

-Noah Cole
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Jeff Bulf

May 3, 1993, 3:01:35 PM5/3/93
I recently took a trip that left me wondering about "names of convenience".
This my first travel with Suntrips. All their literature says Suntrips,
but their airline is Aerocancun. So far, no big deal.

When we check in at Oakland, the counter says Aerocancun, but the plane
say "Private Jet". So does all the in-flight literature. The take-off
announcement says "Suntrips Private Jet". On our return to the states,
they will tell us to list "Private Jet" as our airline.)

Comes time to check in for the flight home. There is no sign at all (!)
at the check-in counter. You just have to ask. The boarding passes say
"Ryan Air International". The plane is the same (by now familiar) "Private
Jet" On our US Customs forms, we are told to give our airline/flight#
as "Private Jet flight 61".

The flight home really was a fly-by-night, but all this name wierdness added
a whole new dimension to the expression. Anybody know the straight poop
about all this?
dr memory

Lance Lawson - SMCC Marketing Strategy and Evangelism

May 3, 1993, 2:05:24 PM5/3/93
In article, (Charles P. Samenow) writes:
>Does anyone have any good "other" names for airlines?
>SABENA (Such A Bad Experience Never Again)

From personal experience:

America's Worst Airline (America West Airline)


Scott Barman

May 3, 1993, 1:22:31 PM5/3/93
In article <> writes:

US DispAIR... usually my feelings after dealing with them.

Remeber, they started out a Shmohawk (Mohawk) then Agony (Allegheny)
Airlines before becoming their present US Dispair! :-)

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Robert Ashcroft

May 3, 1993, 4:56:01 PM5/3/93
In article <> (Scott Barman) writes:
>In article <> writes:
>US DispAIR... usually my feelings after dealing with them.
>Remeber, they started out a Shmohawk (Mohawk) then Agony (Allegheny)
>Airlines before becoming their present US Dispair! :-)

No. The original Mohawk was absorbed into Allegheny sometime in the early
70s (around 72 or so). Allegheny and Mohawk had separate existences before
that, so Mohawk didn't "become" Allegheny.

There is (or used to be) another Mohawk, started by the son of an executive
of the original. It flies (or flew) out of Syracuse. Is it still around?


Ahmed F. Hosny

May 4, 1993, 6:05:58 AM5/4/93

In a previous article, (Charles P. Samenow) says:
>Does anyone have any good "other" names for airlines?
>SABENA (Such A Bad -Bloody- Experience Never Again)

B.O.A.C. Bend Over Again, Christine.
(From the old days of Christine Keeler's scandals.)

And you must have been told, countless times, to consult
your trouble agent. :-)


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Alan Garner

May 4, 1993, 10:44:14 AM5/4/93

To the best of my knowledge, Aerocancun has some sort of agreement with a
Spanish charter airline called Oasis and there is some degree of aircraft
interleasing. The mentioned "Private Jet" was seen in this country last summer
fairly frequently operating on Oasis flights (as were numerous Aerocancun

Hope this helps


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