Review: 8412 Technic Sky Wasp

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Huw Millington

Jul 29, 1995, 3:00:00 AM7/29/95
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LEGO Set Review

Number: 8412
Theme: Technic
Title: Sky Wasp

Ages: 10-16
Copyright: 1995
Number of pieces not stated on European models and not counted.
Time to build main model: 1.5 - 2 hours.

58 page manual. 2 models: 27 steps for main model, 25 steps for secondary
model, 5 steps for motorising main model.

Price: 18.99 pounds sterling

RATINGS (Set/Models/Playability)

Must-have / Excellent / Very-Good


This is a medium sized helecopter with tilting main rotor blade, using
the Technic flex-system. The colour scheme is black with a yellow stripe
along its length, and blue seat. It is actually quite long - about 15",
which is much longer than it looks in the catalogue. It is typical of
modern Technic model designs - there are very few 'normal' bricks in it
and it seems to be 'choc-a-block' with grey technic elements giving it a
very pleasing and 'busy' appearance. The cockpit canopy is formed using 2
flex system tubes. The rotor consists of 2 blades.

The secondary model, not yet built, is a single-seater single-engine
aircraft. This appears to have moving wing flaps, like the 8836 prop.


The rotor tilting mechanism is very simiar to that found in the old 8856
'Thunder Rescue' red helecopter, using two flex cables linked to the
control stick in the cockpit. The rotor mounting/tilting parts are common
to both models. The main and tail rotors can be turned using the usual
side-wheel mechanism found in all Technic helecopters.

The flex system has been altered slightly. If you have ever had
difficulty inserting the flex cables into their end-clips you will
welcome the change that has been made to them. Now, rather than forcing
the cable into the clip until it snaps in (or, more usually, bends) the
clips now have a hinge on one side. The flex cable is simply inserted
through the end hole as before, then the top of it folded over and
snapped shut. It works well, but only time will tell how robust the clips
are if the model is continouously taken apart and rebuilt.

Apart from these new clips and the (probably) specific lengths of flex
cable and tubing there are no unique parts in this set.


I enjoyed building the model. There are one or two 'tricky' steps in the
instructions where parts need to be at exact non-specified distances
along axles, but it caused no major problems.

Once built, the tilt mechanism worked well and the rotor turning system
is relatively smooth.

The instructions also show how to motorise the rotors, but unfortunately,
as always seems to be the case, the look of the model is completely
spolit with the motor in it. The pilot seat has to be removed and the
motor connected to the drive wheel with an elastic band on the outside of
the model.

A Technic Team minifig can be sat in the seat but his helmet stick out
above the line of the cockpit flex-cables to it looks a bit daft.


This is, in my opinion, the best Technic helecopter to date. It is a
modern, compact design, brimming with recently introduced technic


Review Written: 29/7/95
By: Huw Millington
Age: 32
Job: Network Manager/Database developer (when time permits) for UK CAA
Favorite Theme: Technic, but more recently, AquaZone and some Space.

This review is Copyright 1995, by the author as named above. The
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