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last minute planning...

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Stephen F Roberts

Nov 17, 1999, 3:00:00 AM11/17/99
...This is a general post to anyone in the Northern Virginia area...

...As you know, A new LEGO store will be opening in Patomac Mills Virginia on
the 19th of this month (Friday). A tactical assault is being planned by members
of the Northern Virginia LEGO Train Club/LEGO Users Group (NOVALTC/LUG) on the
relatively unfortified positions of the store.

...Prior to gate opening at 10am, members of the LUG will meet outside the store
to prepare and make last minute preparations for the mission.

...At gate opening, a large contingent of NOVALUG members will move to secure
the opening passages. Smaller squads of 2 to 8 members will then isolate and
secure all interesting locations in the store. Extensive intelligence will be
gathered and all interesting materials will be collected and extracted from the
location. In particular, the location of the proposed 'date bricks' and any
other commemorative memorabilia will be secured and sample items extracted.

...Because of the extreme training involved in the teams, casualties are
expected to be light to moderate and should not exceed several hundred dollars
for this excursion. Resistance is expected to be light, and all store personnel
will be cornered and interrogated for any knowledge of future reinforcements or
plans for the location. Hostages should not be needed. Equipment shall include
cash, checks and credit cards at the team member's discretion with appropriate
storage to be gathered on site for any extracted memorabilia.

...As noted above, this tactical assault will consist of a team of trained
NOVALUG members. However, because of the scope of the operation, other
interested parties are encouraged to join the mission. Interested parties can
meet 'on-site' at Patomac Mills neighborhood 8 (near Ikea) at 10am on the 19th
for a quick introduction to the group and then join in on the assault.

...If casualties exceed several hundred dollars, or in the event of extreme
hunger, the group is planning a retreat to a local 'safe house' hidden in any of
the available food establishments of the area to be decided at time of retreat.
There, all spoils of war will be evaluated and further plans will be discussed.

...Because of the extreme importance of this event, all interested parties are
encouraged to contact NOVALUG for more information. NOVALTC/LUG information can
be gathered at

NOVALTC/NOVALUG/WAMALUG (we aren't sure of our name yet :-) Official-Unofficial
Sponsor of the LEGO Store at Patomac Mills :-)
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