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Nov 20, 1996, 3:00:00 AM11/20/96

Wes Winkler's Going-Out-of-Business Auction.

The following items are now for sale by auction. (I've stopped collecting

town and space series, and will save a few Technic sets.)

In general, this will be a Going1/Going2/Sold auction, with updates
issued at least weekly, depending on bidding activity and my work
Please see the related posting with auction rules and set descriptions.

Numb Name Year Pieces Men Box MinBid
238 Clinic or Hospital 78 389 4 Box $75
260 Lego Idea Book 90 1 None $2
846 Lighting Bricks -- 9 v 92 37 Front $5
1462 Blacktron II -- Galactic Scout 92 21 1 Cel-Pack $3
1475 Airport Security Squad 91 121 2 Panels $10
1489 Mobile Car Crane 89 163 2 Panels $10
1610 Mini-Lego Police car 91 19 Panels $3
1631 Mini-Lego Night Racer 90 19 Panels $3
1632 Mini-Lego Boat - outboard 90 27 Panels $3
1644 McDonalds' Mini-Lego sets 90 47 Cel-Pack $10
1665 Dual FX Racers 90 103 3 Panels $5
1698 Basic Set 91 24 Box $3
1702 Rescue Fire Truck 94 55 1 Panels $5
1704 Ice Planet 2002 Dozer 94 45 1 Panels $5
1710 Snowmobile 94 23 1 Cel-Pack $5
1876 Soil Scooper 90 65 2 Front $5
1887 Blacktron II Bonus Pack Flyer 90 18 1 Front $5
1916 Starion Patrol 93 18 1 Box $5
1974 Flyer Cracker USA 89 69 1 None $5
1990 Small Racer 93 30 1 Panels $3
1991 Racing Truck 93 79 1 Panels $5
1992 Two Dragsters 93 96 2 Panels $5
4546 Railway Maintenance Vehicle 91 74 1 Panels $15
5146 Plates -- Blue and Red 87 84 Cel-Pack $3
5158 Airport Baseplates 90 4 None $10
6115 Shark Scout 95 25 1 Panels $5
6314 Town Figures 92 24 6 Front $10
6315 Trees, Flags, and Fences 90 50 0 None $10
6341 Gas N Go Plane 94 92 2 Panels $10
6344 Jet Speed Justice 93 149 2 Box $10
6346 Mercury II Shuttle Escort 92 390 5 Box $50
6352 Europort Cargo Loader 91 135 1 Panels $20
6353 Coast Guard 91 178 2 Panels $10
6354 Pursuit Squad 90 157 3 Panels $10
6355 Racing Horse and Stable 89 142 1 Panels $15
6375 Trans Air Carrier 88 190 2 Panels $20
6376 Italian Restaurant 90 185 5 Box $25
6430 High Speed Patrol (Lght/Sound) 91 149 1 Panels $20
6440 Airport Fire Squad (Lght/Snd) 91 157 2 Panels $20
6481 Road Works (Light and Sound) 89 175 2 Panels $20
6507 Mini Dumper 89 28 1 Panels $5
6509 Red Devil Racer 91 34 1 Panels $5
6512 Mini-Tractor 92 36 1 Panels $5
6524 Blizzard Blazer - snow plow 88 49 1 Panels $5
6526 Red-Line Racer 89 45 1 Panels $5
6528 Sand Storm Racer 89 33 1 Panels $5
6532 Six-wheel Dumper 91 40 1 Panels $5
6533 Police Car 90 60 1 Panels $5
6534 Surf Buggy 92 41 1 Panels $5
6536 Aero Hawk 93 40 1 Panels $5
6552 Rocky River Retreat 93 297 2 Box $15
6591 Nitro-Dragsters - two racers 89 121 2 Panels $5
6592 Vacation Hideaway 90 113 2 Panels $15
6594 Octan Tanker 92 121 1 Panels $10
6644 Road Rebel 90 59 1 Panels $5
6645 Highway Cleaning Crew 91 55 2 Panels $5
6646 Screaming Patriot 91 61 1 Panels $5
6653 Highway Maintenance Truck 82 52 1 Panels $10
6655 Repair Truck with jack 84 52 1 Panels $10
6656 Breakdown Truck 85 47 1 Panels $10
6660 Hook & Haul Wrecker 90 44 1 Panels $5
6661 Mobile TV Studio 90 76 1 Panels $10
6662 Trench Digger 92 83 1 Panels $5
6665 River Runners 94 73 3 Panels $5
6667 Pothole Patcher 93 95 1 Panels $5
6668 Recycling Truck 92 106 1 Panels $10
6669 Diesel Daredevil 91 84 1 Panels $5
6670 Rescue Rig 93 112 1 Box $5
6671 Utility Repair Lift 89 92 1 Panels $10
6672 Photo Safari Truck 90 59 2 Panels $10
6673 Solo Trainer (Plane/gas pump) 90 65 1 Panels $5
6674 Tow Truck - winch 88 92 1 Panels $10
6679 Dark Shark - black & red boat 91 79 2 Panels $15
6688 Ambulance with stretcher 85 135 2 Panels $10
6693 Refuse Truck (w/ garbage cans) 87 104 2 Panels $15
6697 Oil Rig Helicopter (winch) 85 79 2 Panels $20
6808 Swing Wing Sky Bike 87 27 1 Panels $7
6812 Spy Buggy (Blacktron II) 91 23 1 Panels $5
6813 Galactic Chief 93 23 1 Box $3
6830 Space Patroller 88 51 1 Panels $5
6833 M:tron Beacon Tracer 90 38 1 Panels $5
6834 Celestial Sled 93 53 1 Panels $5
6845 Scorpio 3 86 49 1 Panels $5
6851 Tri-wheeled Tyraxx (Bkt II) 91 36 1 Panels $10
6878 Sub Orbital Guardian (Bkt II) 91 64 1 Panels $10
6887 Allied Avenger (X-wing Bkt II) 91 98 1 Panels $15
6894 Invader -- Blacktron 88 156 1 Front $30
6954 Renegade -- Blacktron 88 302 2 Panels $35
9998 Blacktron II Keychain 90 1 1 None $5
9999 The World of Lego Toys 87 1 0 None $15

Nov 22, 1996, 3:00:00 AM11/22/96

My apologies for the delay in getting these descriptions out to the group.
I guess I didn't realize quite how many I was offering.

Thanks for the bids so far.

I intend to wait a few days before sending the first update, to give the
system a chance to propogate all this info, and to give me a chance to set
up my e-mail and bidding recording system for the onslaught.

Thanks for your patience and participation.


Nov 22, 1996, 3:00:00 AM11/22/96

Wes Winkler's Going-Out-of-Business Sale:
Set descriptions and rules, part 2.

6376 Italian Restaurant
Two-storey Ristorante, in white with red accents. Built on green
baseplate. Includes palm tree and flowers. Figures include cook,
waiter, maitre d', and two customers. Box is complete and in
good to very-good shape. Some shelf wear, and slight crushing at one
corner. Decals applied to clear domed "windows." Box is 2x7x11'.
Purchased in France, so box has multi-language age range text.

6430 High Speed Patrol (Lght/Sound)

May also have been called Night Patroller. White and Black
6-wheeled police vehicle, with complicated rear end. Box panels
are 5x7". Set came with a few "extra" pieces, but I have
retained only those necessary to complete the main model.

6440 Airport Fire Squad (Lght/Snd)

Red and white 6-wheeled fire truck. Black fireman helmets, and
airplane logo on torsos. Truck is 6 studs wide, rather than usual
4. Box panels 5x9". Set came with a few "extra" pieces, but I have
retained only those necessary to complete the main model.

6481 Road Works (Light System)
A yellow construction series set, with light and sound. Box panels
are 5x9 inches. Sorry -- no sound on this, just lights! Set
includes front scoop vehicle, with yellow trailer (which carries
the light system). Set came with a few "extra" pieces, but I have
retained only those necessary to complete the main model.

6507 Mini Dumper
Small dumper, with 4 balloon tires. Box panels 2x3".

6509 Red Devil Racer
Red and white racer, number 3. Box panels 2x3".

6512 Mini-Tractor
Yellow construction series with front scoop and clear blue sloping
windshield. Panels 2x3".

6524 Blizzard Blazer
Also know as Snow Plow. Technic rear axle, metal front axle.

6526 Red-Line Racer
Long dragster. Red/black with number 4. Box panels are 3x5".

6528 Sand Storm Racer
Red and white dune buggy with spring suspension.
Back and side panel of box only.

6532 Six-wheel Dumper
Yellow construction series. Two-wheel cab and 4-wheel trailer with
dumping container. Panels 2x5".

6533 Police Car
White police car. Black mini-fig with white cap. Panels 3x5".

6534 Surf Buggy
Rear axle is spring mounted. Includes wind-surfboard for the cool
dude with the sunglasses. Box panels 2x5".

6536 Aero Hawk
Small blue plane with white wing and red accents. Bearded pilot.
Panels 2x5".

6552 Rocky River Retreat
Box measures 2x11x11. Decent shape, but one tear in a corner.
Repaired with tape. Set includes baseplate with river design,
jeep, boat and trailer, house, and mountains with bridge across

6591 Nitro-Dragsters - two racers

White Shell logo dragster against Blue, white and red one. Fences
and signal lights. Panels 5x7".

6592 Vacation Hideaway
Yellow roofed red cabin on green lawn baseplate. Red bicycle,
small tree, flowers. Purchaed in France, with French language
price tag. Set called "Maison Camping." Panels 5x7".

6594 Octan Tanker
Semi type truck with Octan decals. Box panels 5x7".

6644 Road Rebel
Red car with yellow trailer and black motorcycle. Panels 3x5".

6645 Highway Cleaning Crew
Two-man crew drives strange vehicle with blue roller brush in
front, and sucking hose on the side.

6646 Screaming Patriot
Dragster with fancy exhaust pipes. Flag motif for decoration. Box
panels 3x5".

6653 Highway Maintenance Truck.
Blue theme with white markings denoting freeways. A couple
extra decals included.

6655 Repair Truck with jack.
Also called Car with jack. Has a wheel repair stand.
Box panels 3x6".

6656 Breakdown Truck
Blue truck, with red and gray hook that tilts down to
connect to other vehicles. Panels3x6".

6660 Hook & Haul Wrecker

Red and white wrecker, with spring mounted wheels for all terrain
use. Panels 3x5".

6661 Mobile TV Studio
Blue TV truck with white antenna dish on top. Gray and blue camera
made of small pieces. Panels 3x5".

6662 Trench Digger
Yellow construction series. Wide front scoop, and narrow rear
scoop on swivel. Box panels 4x5".

6665 River Runners
Two scruffy dudes and a lady go river rafting. Box panels 4x5".

6667 Pothole Patcher
Yellow truck with small trailer. Box panels 4x7".

6668 Recycling Truck
White cab, gray bed truck, with hook and winch to load/unload red
recycling box. Decals applied, but razor-cut. Panels 3.5x7".

6669 Diesel Daredevil
Racing truck, with fancy exhaust pipes and aero-wing on back.
Panels are 3x7.

6670 Rescue Rig
Recent set with 6-wheeled rescue truck. Bearded figure. Decals
applied. Box slit at one end to open. Box dimensions 2x4x7"

6671 Utility Repair Lift
Electrical repair truck, with scissors lift on trailer. Box panels
are 3x7".

6672 Photo Safari Truck
White jeep with zebra striped doors. Spring suspension. Monkey!
Panels 4x7".

6673 Solo Trainer (Plane/gas pump)

Red, white, and blue small plane. Main wing swivels up for cockpit
access. Box panels are 3x7".

6674 Tow Truck
With a string winch and metal hook. Also called
Crane Truck. Red truck, with freeway decal markings.

6679 Dark Shark - black & red boat

Yellow accent decals applied. Panels 4x7".

6688 Ambulance with stretcher
One of the first sets made with the white stretcher.
I've misplaced the female figure's black hair, and
substituted brown hair. Panels 3x7".

6693 Refuse Truck
Box panels are 7.5"x5.5" Model itself features garbage collection
truck with complicated contraption on rear to load garbage cans.

6697 Oil Rig Helicopter
Larger yellow helicopter with classic minifigs. Model includes string
and a winch to lower minifig to make daring rescues! Box panels are 7"x4"

6808 Swing Wing Sky Bike

From older (Classic ??) Space series. Blue figure with golden
planet on torso. No helmet. Small space flyer with triangular
white wings.

6812 Spy Buggy (Blacktron II)

Small 4-wheeled vehicle. Figure has white space pack contraption
with flourescent green accents. Panesl 3x4".

6813 Galactic Chief
Modern space police model. Grey wing, black rocket pods, and green
accents. Box intact, but sliced open at one end
to access set. Box is 2x2x3".

6830 Space Patroller
From an older space series. White model, with clear blue "pod" on
the spaceship. Wings swivel sideways. What looks like white
rockets can detach and become robots. Box panels 3x5".

6833 M:tron Beacon Tracer

4 balloon tires, and a flourescent green cover pod. Box panels

6834 Celestial Sled
Ice Planet 2002 series. Sled has detachable rear module. Box
panels 3x5".

6845 Scorpio 3
An older Space series. All-white figure with gold planet on torso.
Model is mainly blue, with red and white accents.

6851 Tri-wheeled Tyraxx (Bkt II)

Blacktron II. Box panels 3x5".

6878 Sub Orbital Guardian (Bkt II)

Blacktron II, with black, white and flourescent green accents.
Also called Blacktron Strider. Box panels 4x7".

6887 Allied Avenger (X-wing Bkt II)

6894 Invader -- Blacktron
Probably needs no introduction. Clear red wings at the back.
Modular design makes for lots of combinations.

6954 Renegade -- Blacktron
Again, probably needs no introduction. Larger flying model with
modular design. Includes yellow rocket cones, small cart inside a
storage module, and detachable small platforms on the wings. One
of my favorites, but it's got to go! Bid high, folks!

9998 Blacktron II Keychain
(An artificial number I've made up to track this one!)
This is a promotional piece from Lego.
Arms and legs move, but Head and Visor are fixed in place.

9999 The World of Lego Toys.
(Another artificial number I've made up.)
This is a full-size (8.5x11) paperback book, perfect bound,
written by Henry Wiencek. 160 pages of text and illustrations,
with an additional 16 page appendix of building instructions.
This is NOT an official publication of the Lego corporation, but
it looks like it!

Nov 22, 1996, 3:00:00 AM11/22/96

Wes Winkler's Going-Out-of-Business Sale:
Set descriptions and rules, part 1.

General information about my table of sale items:

"Year" is the copyright date of instructions or box.
"Pieces" is a number from either from direct count or from packaging.
"Men" is the number of minifigures in the set.
Minimum bid is self-explanatory.

The "Box" column lists the type of packaging I have. Forgive me,
all you purists out there, but I played with these, and I had to
save storage space. So, in most cases I cut up the original box,
but saved the main front and back panels. If "Box" is indicated,
the box itself will be complete, and perhaps sliced open on one
end to get access to the set. Older sets show some shelf wear on
the boxes, but the pieces themselves are all in excellent
condition. I've kept these stored sets carefully in zip-lock plastic

All sets are complete in terms of pieces, with any exceptions or
substitutions noted below. All sets have their original
instructions. None have catalogs, flyers, etc.

Auction rules: 1. opening bid at least the minimum
2. minimum $1 increase, integer dollars only
3. buyer pays shipping (average $4-5) for all orders
under $75. I'll pay shipping/postage in the US
for all orders of $75 and over. Buyer pays
shipping for all non-US deliveries. I ship by
USPS, well wrapped, with return receipt required.
4. US $ only by check or money order
5. progression: open, going once, going twice, sold
Bids will progress no quicker than every 2 days,
and intervals may be longer, depending on my

email bids to:

I'll try to e-mail bid updates to active bidders at least every
two days. I'll post updates to r.t.l. every 10 days or so.


238 Clinic or Hospital
OOPS! Number on this one is really 231!
This is a French language edition of a Hospital set. Box intact,
but showing its age with some wear and slightly crushed corner.
Complete instructions, as well as a 1978 French language catalog
of the 1978 Lego line. Box is 2.5x12x15", with flip-top to view
contents. Box lined with styrofoam in which two red baseplates are
found. Then comes blue paper liner, then clear plastic partitioned
to hold pieces. Set includes four figures: doctor, nurse, and two
children patients. Figures are really head-shoulder-arm pieces:
you add hair and then build the body and legs from other blocks
and plates. Completed figures are roughly Technic-scale in size.
Figures don't have hands: more like yellow fists with dimple on
top and socket on bottom. Decals have been applied, but razor-cut
at joints for set breakdown. One group of 5-6 pieces glued
permanently for decal application.

260 Lego Idea Book.
48 pages, with additional color covers. Perfect bound.
Original decals in back of book. Slight bending on lower corner,
where the book stood on shelf and slanted a bit.
European A-size paper, roughly 8.75" x 11.5". I'm not expecting to
make much on this, since I know this is still available from
Lego shipping and handling.

846 Lighting Bricks -- 9 v

Only front box panel on this one, measuring 3x5". Pieces include
clear bricks as well as decorative covers for lights showing
Police, Fire, traffic, repair shop, Octan gas, etc.

1462 Blacktron II -- Galactic Scout

Cel-pack model. Black wings and white finned rocket at rear.

1475 Airport Security Squad
Black helicopter with red and yellow accents. Ground man rides
black motorcycle. Panels 5x7".

1489 Mobile Car Crane
Blue and yellow crane lifts small red and white car. Box panels

1610 Mini-Lego Police car
Needed if you must complete your collection! 2.5x2.5" panels.

1631 Mini-Lego Night Racer
Small black racer with yellow accents. Panesl 2x2".

1632 Mini-Lego Boat - outboard

Small white outboard with red accents. Panels 2x2".

1644 McDonald's Lego Packs.
I have three of the promotional lego packs which McDonalds
restaurants were giving away in their children's meals a few
years back. Sets include the original cel-packs, which have
been slit to access sets. I have sets 3A Land Laser,
4A Wind Whirler, and 4B Sea Skimmer.

1665 Dual FX Racers
Black and Yellow racer against a White and Blue one, with third
figure waving checkered flag. Box panels are 5x7".

1698 Trial Size Basic Building Set.
Virgin condition. Never Opened!

1702 Rescue Fire Truck

1704 Ice Planet 2002 Dozer

The above two models were part of a value pack. Instructions are
bound together. I'd prefer they go to same bidder. If not, higher
bid gets the instructions, lower gets xerox copy.

1710 Snowmobile
Cel-pack of scruffy guy on red snowmobile, with gray base and skis.

1876 Soil Scooper
Red truck with clear cab and yellow front scoop. Front box panel
only, measuring 3x5".

1887 Blacktron II Bonus Pack Flyer

This was part of a value pack, number 1891. I have original
instructions, which include those for three other sets. Box panel
(front only) shows all four sets. Blacktron II model has black
triangular outboard wings which flap up and down!

1916 Starion Patrol
Small Space Police set. Box is roughly 2x2x2", to nearest whole
inches! Missing one gray winged cone at rear.

1974 Flyer Cracker USA
Helicopter in red, white, and blue. Fuel stand is extra.
Originally part of a value pack. Pieces and instructions only
-- no other packaging.

1990 Small Racer
1991 Racing Truck
1992 Two Dragsters
These three above sets were packaged together as value pack 1993.
Red, white, and blue vehicles, with Octan logos on mini-figs. I'd
prefer if the same person bought all three, but I'll sell
separately if that's the way the bids go.

4546 Railway Maintenance Vehicle
A crossover between the town and train collections. 4-wheeled
yellow truck has drop-down railway wheels. Box panels 4x7".
This is a rare one!

5146 Plates -- Blue and Red

Really sets 5146 and 5147. Likely available from Lego
Shop-at-Home. Unopened bags.

5158 Airport Baseplates
This is really a combo of sets 5158 and either 5157 or 5159 -- one
number off, anyway. Total is four airport baseplates. Two are a
gray traffic lane bordered by green grass. One is a T-junction,
and the final one is a round turning area. All are gray with green.

6115 Shark Scout
Small AquaShark model. Blue and black. Panels 2x3".

6314 Town Figures
Waiter, surfer, Octan man, red-head female riding bike, blue
overall man with hand truck, black haired equestrienne. Front
panel only, measuring 3.5x5.5". No instructions, since we're all
supposed to use our imaginations with these!

6315 Trees, Flags, and Fences

This is a grab-bag of accessories. I've included most of the
pieces from sets 6315 Signs, 6316 Flags and Fences, and 6317
Trees. Also included are four large trees (cypress ??) about 4"
tall. Piece count is approximate, but if you want trees, bid on

6341 Gas N Go Plane

Red, black, and white plane, with outboard camera. Small Octan
fueling cart. Box panels 5x7".

6344 Jet Speed Justice
Police boat and airplane with camera. Pilots head had sunglasses.
I lost it, and replaced with generic face. Box in near mint
condition, measures 2x7x9", has flaps on end, and pull-out drawer.

6346 Mercury II Shuttle Escort

Flip-top box measures 2x9x13. Set includes shuttle, low-boy
trailer, jeep, and two motorcycles. I think this one was listed as
"hard to find" in one catalog. Box in pretty good shape, but shows
some wear.

6352 Europort Cargo Loader
Yellow 6-wheeled crane swivels and lifts yellow crate containing
tiny blue Panels 5x9".tractor.

6353 Coast Guard
Large boat and smaller speed boat. Winch loads small boat on back
of larger one. Box panels 7x9".

6354 Pursuit Squad
Police crew with helicopter, motorcycle, and jeep with trailer
hauling a speedboat. Panels 5x8".

6355 Racing Horse and Stable

White stable with red roof and blue doors. Brown horse and yellow
race trotter cart. Panels 5x9".

6375 Trans Air Carrier
Also known as Cargo Plane. Box panels only.
Missing one 1x1 stud red plate, substituted with
a clear red one of same shape.

Nov 30, 1996, 3:00:00 AM11/30/96

Winkler's GOoB Auction Update 29-Nov-96

Another update. Again, I've separated the list into two sections:
those items without any bids, and those with active bids. I'll
make the first advance of status early next week, and I'll try to
make these updates more frequent. Thanks for continued interest.

No bids
Numb Name Amount Bidder Status
1698 Basic Set $3 Minimum
1710 Snowmobile $5 Minimum
1876 Soil Scooper $5 Minimum
1990 Small Racer $3 Minimum
1991 Racing Truck $5 Minimum
1992 Two Dragsters $5 Minimum
6115 Shark Scout $5 Minimum
6314 Town Figures $10 Minimum
6341 Gas N Go Plane $10 Minimum
6346 Mercury II Shuttle Escort $50 Minimum
6353 Coast Guard $10 Minimum
6354 Pursuit Squad $10 Minimum
6430 High Speed Patrol (Lght/Sound) $20 Minimum
6512 Mini-Tractor $5 Minimum
6526 Red-Line Racer $5 Minimum
6534 Surf Buggy $5 Minimum
6536 Aero Hawk $5 Minimum
6594 Octan Tanker $10 Minimum
6644 Road Rebel $5 Minimum
6646 Screaming Patriot $5 Minimum
6655 Repair Truck with jack $10 Minimum
6656 Breakdown Truck $10 Minimum
6660 Hook & Haul Wrecker $5 Minimum
6662 Trench Digger $5 Minimum
6669 Diesel Daredevil $5 Minimum
6670 Rescue Rig $5 Minimum
6673 Solo Trainer (Plane/gas pump) $5 Minimum
6679 Dark Shark $15 Minimum
6834 Celestial Sled $5 Minimum

Numb Name Amount Bidder Status
231 Clinic or Hospital $76 Meagher Open Tie
260 Lego Idea Book $3 Kilaras Open
846 Lighting Bricks -- 9 v $8 Voltin Open Tie
1462 Galactic Scout (Bkt II) $5 Bowen Open
1475 Airport Security Squad $16 RClark Open Tie
1489 Mobile Car Crane $15 Gal Open
1610 Mini-Lego Police car $6 Gal Open
1631 Mini-Lego Night Racer $4 Gal Open
1632 Mini-Lego Boat - outboard $4 Gal Open
1644 McDonalds' Mini-Lego sets $12 Gal Open
1665 Dual FX Racers $8 Gal Open
1702 Rescue Fire Truck $6 RClark Open
1704 Ice Planet 2002 Dozer $12 Fradell Open
1887 Blacktron II Bonus Pack Flyer $6 Wesley C. Open
1916 Starion Patrol $30 Griffin Open
1974 Flyer Cracker USA $6 Gal Open
4546 Railway Maintenance Vehicle $25 Fleskes Open
5146 Plates -- Blue and Red $6 Dorneich Open Tie
5158 Airport Baseplates $12 Dorneich Open
6315 Trees, Flags, and Fences $15 Tinney Open
6344 Jet Speed Justice $10 Whitney Open
6352 Europort Cargo Loader $25 Gal Open
6355 Racing Horse and Stable $15 Meagher Open
6375 Trans Air Carrier $32 Dorneich Open
6376 Italian Restaurant $36 Wood Open
6440 Airport Fire Squad (Lght/Snd) $25 Schuricht Open
6481 Road Works (Light and Sound) $32 Gal Open
6507 Mini Dumper $7 Gal Open
6509 Red Devil Racer $7 Gal Open
6524 Blizzard Blazer - snow plow $9 Kilaras Open
6528 Sand Storm Racer $7 Gal Open
6532 Six-wheel Dumper $5 Agnew Open
6533 Police Car $6 Wood Open
6552 Rocky River Retreat $15 Meagher Open
6591 Nitro-Dragsters - two racers $7 Gal Open
6592 Vacation Hideaway $20 Kubiak Open
6645 Highway Cleaning Crew $12 Gal Open
6653 Highway Maintenance Truck $30 Gal Open
6661 Mobile TV Studio $12 Foster Open
6665 River Runners $5 Fleskes Open
6667 Pothole Patcher $5 Foster Open
6668 Recycling Truck $12 Fritzi Open
6671 Utility Repair Lift $13 Agnew Open
6672 Photo Safari Truck $13 Voltin Open
6674 Tow Truck - winch $12 Gal Open
6688 Ambulance with stretcher $12 Gal Open
6693 Refuse Truck (w/ garbage cans) $28 Wood Open
6697 Oil Rig Helicopter (winch) $22 Gal Open
6808 Swing Wing Sky Bike $7 Meagher Open
6812 Spy Buggy (Blacktron II) $6 Wesley C. Open
6813 Galactic Chief $4 Wesley C. Open
6830 Space Patroller $16 Wesley C. Open
6833 M:tron Beacon Tracer $9 Wesley C. Open
6845 Scorpio 3 $10 Fradell Open
6851 Tri-wheeled Tyraxx (Bkt II) $11 Wesley C. Open
6878 Sub Orbital Guardian (Bkt II) $11 Kinzel Open
6887 Allied Avenger (X-wing Bkt II) $16 Polasky Open
6894 Invader -- Blacktron $50 Tinney Open
6954 Renegade -- Blacktron $50 Misium Open
9998 Blacktron II Keychain $6 Bowen Open Tie
9999 The World of Lego Toys $15 Gregson Open

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