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Re: Fuck him

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Richard Huw

Aug 5, 2023, 1:47:58 AM8/5/23
bigdog <> wrote in

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> Sissy boy Lia Thomas will no longer be allowed to make a travesty of
> women's swimming competition after the international governing body
> banned transgender men from women's competitions.
> Thomas has responded to backlash by insisting, “I am a woman, just
> like anybody else on the team. I’ve always viewed myself as just a
> swimmer. It’s what I’ve done for so long; it’s what I love. I
> get into the water every day and do my best.”
> His best sucked when he swam as a man. He ranked 554th in his event.
> So he joins the women's team and wins the event and acts as if they is
> some sort of accomplishment. He is not just like anybody else on the
> women's team. Nobody else on the women's team has a cock and balls.
> None of the women have a man's body.
> He still has the option of entering the open category where he can
> swim against other trannies. All three of them. They can all win a
> meaningless Olympic medal.

It's about time people began applying "science" and finding their

Woke liberals brought this on themselves with all the 100 pound female
"cops" kicking the shit out of 200 pound bad guy chick flicks.
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