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Re: They’re (EVIL US Government) Enslaving Our Minds And Driving Us Toward Destruction

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Mar 26, 2022, 2:33:00 AM3/26/22
On 3/25/2022 1:36 PM, Andrew Smith wrote:
> On Friday, March 25, 2022 at 1:28:50 PM UTC-7, Andrew Smith wrote:
>> On Friday, March 25, 2022 at 1:00:35 PM UTC-7, FBInCIAnNSATerroristSlayer wrote:
>>> "They are lying to you".
>> That is definitely NOT TRUE. You already explained that Irish people are
>> decent and honest so why would President Biden lie? He is Irish so he
>> must be telling the truth, and it's you who is lying.
>> Be seeing you.
> Yes, here's the link to the message where TerroristLayer says that Irish
>>> Irish people are WAAAAAAYYYYYY better than the EVIL Brits and Amrikkan
>>> Irish people have values and conscience. Ofc there are some bad apples
>>> in Irish people too just like ANY nation, but IN GENERAL Irish people
>>> deserve respect.
>>> Whether it is the Kennedy brothers JFK, RFK and current Irish MPs Clare
>>> Daly, Mike Wallace and some other Irish names I can't recall now, they
>>> SPEAK the TRUTH."
> See you

Amrikkka is a PURE EVIL CUNTRY which should be and must be COMPLETELY
DESTROYED, for human species to live in peace and harmony.

BARBARIC Amrikka INTERFERED in EVERY COUNTRY's internal affairs
including elections and justice systems and INSTALLED "PUPPET GOVTS", so
the EVIL AMrikkan filth can STEAL everybody's WEALTH and ENSLAVE every,
country, human and specie and RULE THE WORLD, while "selling themselves"
as superior civilized angels.


Covert Activities

Terrorism Watch



"They are lying to you. They are lying when they say they tried to
prevent this war. They are lying when they say de-escalation is impossible."

"It means pretty much everything you've been told your whole life about
the government, about your nation, about the news media, and about the
way the world works, has been a lie."

They're not lying that there's a war, they're just manipulating the
way people think about the war. How it's happening, who's to blame for
it, whose agendas are served by getting it started and keeping it going,

Another way of saying it is that this is being framed as
authoritarianism versus democracy when in reality it's global
authoritarianism vs multipolarism. The authoritarian agenda to rule the
entire planet vs letting nations have self-sovereignty. Guess which side
the west is on.


They’re Enslaving Our Minds And Driving Us Toward Destruction

You know you are being aggressively propagandized about Ukraine by the
mass media and by Silicon Valley. You can feel it in your guts. Everyone
can feel it, on some level. It feels gross.

The split on this issue is between those who trust this gut feeling and
those who choose to psychologically compartmentalize away from it.
Because if you don’t compartmentalize away from it, the implications of
this are very frightening. It means pretty much everything you’ve been
told your whole life about the government, about your nation, about the
news media, and about the way the world works, has been a lie.

But that is the basic reality. If you’ve already seen this, you won’t
experience cognitive dissonance when you observe it in the unprecedented
imperial narrative management campaign we’re seeing with Ukraine. If you
haven’t seen it, you’ll likely experience a lot of cognitive dissonance
if you try to square your gut feeling that you’re being propagandized
about Ukraine with your belief that your favorite politicians and news
sources always tell you the objective truth. And you will
compartmentalize accordingly.

That’s just how we’re wired. Our minds are wired to select for cognitive
ease and forcefully reject information which challenges our present
worldview. Pushing past the cognitive discomfort and facing reality is
the only way to come to real understanding.

If this picture was printed out and framed, and then used as a bludgeon
to bash you in the face whenever you looked at an electronic screen, it
would feel how all this Ukraine war propaganda feels when you haven’t
swallowed the official narrative.

People get outraged when I say we are being aggressively propagandized
about Ukraine, but this fact is not seriously in dispute. The mass media
have been relatively straightforward about it, though of course they
fail to mention their own role in the propaganda campaign.

It seems like those who are new to the concept think that “propaganda”
means making up fictional stories whole cloth, so they mistakenly assume
that this is a claim that Russia never invaded and Ukrainians aren’t
dying and suffering. But all it really means is that the narrative
framing is manipulated. They’re not lying that there’s a war, they’re
just manipulating the way people think about the war. How it’s
happening, who’s to blame for it, whose agendas are served by getting it
started and keeping it going, etc.

No good liar lies all the time. The best liars very seldom tell
full-blown lies, always preferring to lie by omission, by distortion, by
half-truth, by disproportionate focus, and by uncritically reporting
other people’s lies in a way that suggests they’re true.

It’s all moving so fast now. Censorship and propaganda, the two arms of
imperial narrative control, are escalating like nothing we’ve ever seen
before. The doors on information control are being slammed and bolted
shut all around the world as fast as the empire managers can get away
with it.

And of course Australia is on the front line of this war against mental

And it’s because of all this intrusive perception management that we’re
somehow simultaneously the closest we’ve been to nuclear war since the
Cuban Missile Crisis, yet still collectively focused more on talking
about sports and celebrity gossip as though everything is fine and normal.

This is something we could actually oppose, if enough of us had enough
unpolluted information about what’s happening. This threat is not some
inevitable force of nature that is happening to us, it’s something that
is being done to us. By people. People with names and government offices.

If the nukes do start flying and we find ourselves in our final moments,
will we really feel okay about having done nothing about it? About
failing to mobilize in favor of de-escalation and detente? About being
the first species in history to go extinct due to psychological
compartmentalization and a reluctance to annoy government officials?

The only thing sadder than watching the world die would be watching it
die without having done anything to try to save it.

The saying that it’s easier to imagine the end of the world than to
imagine the end of capitalism is directly related to people’s inability
to imagine anything other than increasingly aggressive escalations
between nuclear powers in the competition-based systems we live under.
People literally cannot imagine any deviation from this power struggle
between nations, even if continuing along this trajectory means our
complete annihilation.

And it really doesn’t need to be this way. There’s no good reason
nations can’t cooperate with each other for the good of everyone without
trying to dominate each other. There’s no good reason we can’t move from
competition-based models of domination to collaboration-based models of
human thriving.

Michael Parenti said years ago that the ultimate neocon plan (which
today has become simply the mainstream orthodoxy on US foreign policy)
is a confrontation with disobedient governments, the ultimate target
being China, to ensure the supremacy of American global capitalism.
There’s no good reason this needs to happen. There’s no good reason the
defensive Russia-China tandem described years ago by Gilbert Doctorow
needs to be targeted in the way it’s currently being targeted by this
war that was deliberately provoked by western powers.

They are lying to you. They are lying when they say they tried to
prevent this war. They are lying when they say de-escalation is
impossible. They are lying when they say World War 3 is inevitable, or
is upon us already. Peace and detente are very possible. All that would
need to happen is the dropping away of this notion that this planet of
ours needs to be dominated by a single power structure. That’s all we’d
need for the threat of nuclear armageddon to go away. That’s all we’d
need to ensure humanity’s progress into the future.

We can simply move from endless escalation to diplomacy, from diplomacy
to de-escalation, from de-escalation to detente, from detente to true
peace, and from true peace to collaboration and human thriving. The only
thing stopping that from happening is this insane drive to dominate.

Don’t believe the liars.

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