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Alessandro Riolo

Nov 6, 2002, 7:17:09 PM11/6/02
Some days ago I was invited from a friend of me, who is a great
supporter of Fenerbahçe, to join him to see the derby match against
Galatasaray. I joined him in the afternoon and took me in its office.
Being today the first day of Ramadan, I shared with him and its
officemates the traditional breakfast at the sunset (being a catholic,
I already had a quick breakfast late in the morning, anyway the Iftar
was the main meal for me too). After that we moved towards the
My fried parked close the railroad station, and he had some argue with
the guy of the parking (not so serious, anyway, mostly some word joke
between the words zam and Ramazan, hard to understand for people who
aren't Turks). We met with other friends just outside the stadium,
then we moved all togheter inside a pub just under the curve.
Here I and my friend shared some nice rakI, but most of the other
people went straight with water, cola or bier (I guess it is not
that holy to deal with rakI the first day of Ramadan).
After that we came inside the Sükrü SaraçoGlu stadium, which, 1 hour
and half before the match, was almost totally full.
The noise was unbelievable. When the Galatasaray's players came into
the pitch, to warm up, the supporters throwed everything, especially
over the goalkeeper, Mondragon; but for this, the supporters show
was magnificient, with the loudly music around it was more as a disco
than a stadium. There weren't supporters of Galatasaray around (yes,
there were, but it was pretty impossible to spot them), so all of
the stadium was yellow and blue (sarI lacIvert in Turkish).
I would strongly advice Valdano to pay some visits in Istanbul
he could learn further advancements from the local supporter scenes.
I was clothed as a Fenerbahçe supporter too, the only problem is my
friend is just 25 cm taller than me, so I guess I was looking as a
child with too big clothes.
We were (not sitting down, it was almost impossible for all of the
match) just in the back of the bench of Galatasaray, so I can tell
some annedoct about Terim; when the teams came in the pitch for the
match, the supporters made everything smoky firing the smokers, it
was impossible to see anything at distance, but when a guy began to
throw something towards the bench, some others followed his example,
and after a while a guy in the first row showed 2 fingers, people
asked if also Terim was been shot, but this time they couldn't be
lucky with their blind hits; after the break of the first half
instead it seems their efforts gained the prize, 'cause someone was
able to hit Terim. I'll say the last time, the supporters of
offered a magnificient show, but I found there are too many objects
throwed towards the pitch (I saw even a flying knife..).
Let's come to the match: It looked suddenly as a Galatasaray-Ortega
affair; when the Fenerbahçe players were having the ball, it was
directed ever towards the Argentinian, when the turn of Galatasaray
players, they were attacking ever the side of Ariel Ortega. If Ortega
would have been the same Ortega we often saw in Italy, or even during
the last WC, it would have to be an easy bet, the problem was this
night it was another Ortega: incredible to say, after dribbling only
2 players he was ever (almost ever) able to pass the ball, and he was
above all able to recover some ball while defending. The result was a
goal around the 10', of a player I wasn't knowing, so at the beginning
I mismatched his name with the one of Turkcan, who is instead a
basketball player. After that goal, Galatasaray took the drive of the
match, and we assisted to 30' of continuos attacks to the gate of
Rustu. I could assist to other paranormal happenings: in example
was able to touch the ball with the head 2 times. I was just thinking
how that was weird, when Ortega decided to shock me: he scored me with
the head! 2-0, and break time. The second half continued anyway with
the same music of the first: a nice Galatasaray, even under of 2
was trying to play against an Ortega in its stellar evening. Around
the 65' happened something unthinkable: the referee sent out Ortega,
direct red: let's say I was too distant to have a good view of the
fact, but from my point of view it didn't looked that bad.
I think Terim felt again the match in its hands, so he began to put
forwarders in the pitch. Could you believe that? It was an orgy of
but not as Terim was hoping: without Ortega around, with a completely
unbalanced Galatasaray, the midfielders of Fenerbahçe found open
highways to counterattacks, and they exploited that with 2 goals of
the quickest Serat. Galatasaray looked shocked, the public began to
ask for the fifth goal (in Turkish that is spelt as Besh, and this is
incidentally also the local name for Priapus) and a guy called Cehyan
(I'm pretty sure I mispelled that, anyway) made them happy.
I discovered so in Turkey 5-0 is something as the 6-0 in Italy (it
could look weird, but in Italy the difference between a 5-0 and a 6-0
is huge, the first is a bad defeat, the latter is a Caporetto to blame
for ages); I guess the Fenerbahçe players imagined they could have
Italian spectators around, so they managed to score the 6-0 to an
armless (it is not a mistake) Mondragon, but the supporters were
already too happy to be able to show even more happiness.
It was one of the greatest football show I ever witnessed, something
to tell years later to the grandsons, and now the only problem is I
don't know if I will come back to the Sükrü SaraçoGlu stadium again:
it was my second time there, but after this, what other could I
wait to see more there?

[written with a glass of moldovan Renaissance Perfect Vodka at my
side, so I beg your pardon for my even more broken English, and I also
hope best evenings and reading for Cimbom supporters]

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