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Karel Stokkermans

Dec 18, 1994, 12:45:32 PM12/18/94
From today yet another results page is available on the WWW.

It is the homepage of the NERSSSF, an organization introduced below.

Though still far from complete, it strives to be the most comprehensive
and complete page of its sort. People fed up with the trash in r.s.s
may consider it a WWW version of a moderated r.s.s.results group.

We intend to use all relevant articles in r.s.s - I have already mailed
a few regular contributors but not all. If you object to have your
(results) postings made available there (of course credited to you),
please let me know. You're welcome to let me know if you don't object,
too :-).

The URL of the NERSSSF home page is

while the archive is located at

I welcome any mail suggesting addditions, corrections or improvements.

Now, from the NERSSSF homepage, our introduction:


In the section about football I already had occasion to refer to
the newsgroup That group is a forum for football
enthousiasts from all over the world, and though it is plagued by
a fairly large amount of illiterate and ill-bred idiots who can't
think of anything but shouting abuse at anyone not supporting their
particular pitiful outfit, there are quite a few knowledgeable and
entertaining fans of the greatest sport of them all around as well.

Two of these are Kent Hedlundh and Lars Aarhus.

These two Scandinavians moreover share my enthousiasm for collecting
statistical information about football - a day with the latest results
from the third Bulgarian division North-East or on which the final
league table of the Azeri Championship in 1992 is confirmed is a day
very well spent.

So, in January 1994, we agreed to found an "organisation". Due to the
geographical "roots" of the three founder members, it was called the
Northern European Rec.Sport.Soccer Statisticians Foundation, or briefly

In the beginning of December 1994, our membership had a dramatic 33%
increase when Bernd Timmermann joined us.

Our major goal is collecting all kind of statistics, in particular
league tables from all over the world, on football, and making this
information available to those sharing our interest. Moreover, those
statistics should be as reliable as possible, which means that our
ultimate goal is to have correspondents from (and better yet in) the
countries involved.

Though league tables and the like have been diligently collected
and retrieved, so far we haven't gone public - mainly due to thesis
work of the three of us. Starting from now however, stuff will
gradually become available via this very page.

We invite all those interested in the goals of the
NERSSSF to contact us and actively support us - new members are more
than welcome. And even if you're not interested in membership - just
mail us any table of any championship at any stage during the season.

We also welcome all improvements on the tables in the archive - be it
spelling of club names, additional information, or simply corrections.

Karel Stokkermans
(also on behalf of Kent Hedlundh, Lars Aarhus, and Bernd Timmermann).

-- Karel Stokkermans, RISC-Linz, Schloss Hagenberg, Austria, Europa
-- email:
"O hoe vergeefs / des doelmans hand / zich strekte naar de bal [ 21-6-88, ]
die 'een minuut / voor tijd de Duitse / doellijn kruiste..." [ J. Deelder ]


Aug 20, 2018, 9:04:24 PM8/20/18

Ion Saliu

Aug 24, 2018, 2:56:51 PM8/24/18

O tempora! O mores! Part of the Golden Era of the Internet. More about it in this thread:!topic/
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"Tempus fugit", said the wise people of Latium (almost Lazio!), who also loved calcio, a distant forefather of soccer (b.k.a. football). Lest we forget!

Ion Saliu,
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