Fake Chopard Watches LUC Cheap - Chopard Watches LUC Watch Fake

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Apr 24, 2008, 8:12:00 AM4/24/08
Fake Chopard Watches LUC Cheap - Chopard Watches LUC Watch Fake

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Fake Chopard Watches LUC --- We are glad to offer you the best Chopard
Watches LUC Fake at a very moderate price. All these timepieces are
very bright and in style, select one for yourself or for your beloved

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Geneva print is made by the Geneva law in 1886. Geneva law intended
to protect the real production of watches in Geneva, so as to avoid
other inferior Chopard Watches LUC products marked with Geneva made
being sold. So far, it has been revised several times to meet the
changes of the times. The watches which comply with the standards
movement watches will be eligible for Geneva imprin, the print is
carved Marker in Geneva emblem of the 'hawks' and 'key'. Geneva law
requirment of each part of the movement should be to made in
accordance with established rules and regulations exactly, although
some parts may be purely decorative, but can fully reveal the watches
totally dependent on artificial completed. Chopard Watches LUC For
example, all acute angle must be cut into slope, further polishing;
and Cyclovirobuxine gear is decorated artificially and polished with
wood. The rule was made to remove all inferior products to ensure
each one watches are completed in the best crafsmanship and materials.
Today, this rule has become the guarantee of making watches in highest
crafsmanship. Early watches manufacturers to prove the accuracy of its
products usually have their Chopard Watches LUC and clocks be
identified by the official observatory , then all Observatory in
Europe, including London, Paris, Geneva watches manufacturing center
had such service. Later watches manufactures slowly moved to Geneva,
official Observatory in Geneva could not load all the works. In order
to promote their products, Switzerland goverment set up a full-time
official of the test center called Sw iss O ffic ia lCh ron om e te r
Te s tin gAu-th or ity (COSC), by Sw iss Ca lib ra tion Se rv ice of
th e Sw iss Fed e ra lMe tro logy Bu reau (SCS) has proved its
impartiality. Watches tested by the COSC called CH RONOM ETER (The
Table), Chopard Watches LUC every one of the movement have independent
code and supporting documents, on behalf of certain of its accuracy.
<br> In watches making craftsmanship, Observatory watches can be said
to be pursuing a not bad ever extreme realm. Error of Mechanical watch
a day is 15 seconds, the Observatory watches particularly emphasize
movement, material and craftsmanship, error a day at -4 to +6 seconds
and the quartz watch is strictly controled in the + / -0. within two

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