Sill Heights in an eight

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John Davis

Feb 8, 2022, 10:56:00 AM2/8/22
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It's been a long time. I could use your perspective.

I have a question about sill heights in a U19 eight. A starboard rower is very tall and needs more room over her legs. Do I raise a port to match the extra 1/2 cm I am raising the tall rower?

I've looked on the web but not found commentary as whether averaging heights on both sides is sound practice or having difference at one or two seats actually has any impact on the set. I've just assumed it does and always done it. Specifically, is averaging out the heights good practice? Is it more important to rig to the person and let them find the set?

BTW, Wendy and I took a whirlwind trip in November to the UK U19 trials in Boston up to North Yorkshire and back to Marlow and London. We were made welcome everywhere we went. Hope to get back soon.

John Davis
Oak Ridge TN

James HS

Feb 11, 2022, 4:54:35 AM2/11/22
John -

I am assuming you mean gate height?

While no expert on the 'physics' - I would adapt the gate to the rower to achieve the best rowing position for that athlete.

If the athletes are all different - but optimised for them, then IMO the set of the boat will be fine (mm difference in the height when the boat is empty would probably make a difference - but once you put the rowers in and keeping their blades horizontal I would think the difference fall away.).


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